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10 Signs You Should Hire a Candidate [Infographic]

In Hiring Strategy — by Erin Engstrom

Finding the right job candidate can be a daunting process for employers. On average, a corporation will receive 250 applications for an open position. Out of these, normally an employer will narrow down their selection to between four and six potential job candidates.

When narrowing down your choices and deciding which one candidate is best for your business and the job, it is important to look for certain signals and responses the job applicant provides during the interview process. Consider the following questions when conducting interviews:

  1. Are they enthusiastic?
  2. Can they adapt to different circumstances and think on their feet?
  3. Would they be a team player?
  4. Does the job candidate ask good questions?
  5. Are they willing to acknowledge past mistakes and explain how they learned from them?
  6. Are they willing to learn new things or seem excited by the opportunities to do so?
  7. How resilient would they respond to pressure and difficult situations?
  8. Can they provide examples of how they put the skills they listed on the application into action?
  9. Do they seem ambitious to ensure work is completed as well as possible?
  10. Do they seem confident in their abilities, speak assuredly, and pause to think about questions before answering?

By taking the time to look for these signals in potential job candidates, you are sure to find the right job candidate to hire. While it might not be possible to find the perfect job candidate with all of these qualities, you should focus on candidates who exhibit the majority of these signals when making hiring decisions.

signs you should hire a candidate infographic

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