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10 Startups with Great Careers Pages

In Hiring Software & Tools — by Dave Anderson

careers-pageA company’s careers page is an important yet often overlooked part of their website. Many companies just list their open roles and link to the online application. But that’s only part of what goes into a successful careers page.

This section of your website should also summarize what it’s like to work for your company. It should tell a potential employee what perks you offer, what your workplace is like and what your company values. A visitor should be excited to apply for an open job after learning about your company.

It’s especially important for a startup to have a great careers page since many job seekers aren’t familiar with their company. We looked around online and found ten startups that do an excellent job of summing up the employee experience they provide.


StyleSeat’s careers page checks all the boxes. It tells the story of the company, lists the perks of being an employee and highlights the company’s values and mission statement. It even has an embedded video showcasing their San Francisco office.


The cool thing about Bookbub’s careers site is they break the benefits of being an employee into two sections. They outline jobs perks, like a flexible schedule, comprehensive benefits and social events. Then detail what an employee can expect to get out of their job. Long-term focus, an inclusive environment, growth opportunities and transparency are what the company values.


A great careers page focuses on the people who make up the company. Bread achieves this by including photos of their team at work and testimonials from current employees. They also list their open positions on the same page so visitors don’t have to look far to see if there is a job for them.


Breather has a beautifully-designed careers website that provides the right information. Their “Meet the Team” video automatically plays on the top of the page. The also list workplace traditions like birthday celebrations, quarterly hackdays and lunch and learns. Each one expands with more information when you click on it.


MomentFeed shows their company is a great place to work without really saying it. Their careers page includes photos of smiling employees who are clearly having a good time. It also has logos for employment awards they’ve won and their favorable Glassdoor rating.


Gospotcheck has a cleanly-designed careers page that provides a lot of information. It lists all their values, job perks and open roles. Each one is accompanied by a short explanation and a neat icon but the page never feels cluttered.


Kinnek’s careers page is simple but has a couple unique features. The most notable is an embedded Spotify player that gives job seekers an idea of the music that plays in their office. It also includes solid testimonials from different employees who each give their own take on what they enjoy about their job.


Opcity has all the ingredients for a successful careers page. It includes their company description, open roles, values, job perks and logos for awards they’ve won. It also has employee testimonials sprinkled throughout the page so a visitor can get a different perspective each time they scroll.


Drift’s page knocks it out of the park in terms of both information and design. It has cool icons to go along with each perk and value. The page also includes their recruiting video which sums up the employee experience in a compelling format.


Affirm uses carousels to showcase testimonials, photos of their employees and their values. It allows them to provide a lot of information without cluttering the page. Their careers page also includes a list of the different teams they’re hiring for which is a neat way to organize openings. A visitor can click on the right one and see if there is a specific role that suits them.

What goes into a great careers website

You’ve probably noticed there is certain information that shows up on many of these startups’ careers page. Before we wrap up the article, let’s list everything worth including:

    • Company description
    • Company values
    • Employee benefits and job perks
    • The steps in the hiring process
    • Office locations with photos
    • Employee testimonials
    • Company awards
    • Recruiting video
  • Open roles

Your page doesn’t have to include all these elements. But some combination on a nicely-designed page encourages the right people to apply to your company.

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