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12 Recruiting Stats that Will Change the Way You Hire [Infographic]

In Hiring Strategy — by Erin Engstrom

I recently came across this infographic with some pretty eye-opening recruiting stats.

One of the statistics that jumped out at me was that 66 percent of candidates believe interactions with employees are the best way to get insight about a company. This means that companies benefit from a collaborative hiring process that involves not just HR and the hiring manager, but also all of the team members who will be working with the candidate. Not without reason, your candidates believe that they’ll get a more unfiltered, holistic perspective of your company by talking with their prospective peers than just with management.

Another stat that stood out was that the best candidates are off the market within 10 days. There’s no doubt about it, we’re in a candidate’s market. The competition for talent is so fierce that premier employer brands like Salesforce are sending candidates ‘thank you’ notes following the interview, and not the other way around. If qualified applicants apply to your openings right away, act fast. You don’t have the luxury of taking weeks to deliberate.

And then there’s the stat that 60 percent of candidates have quit an application process because it took too long. For job-seekers, there are few things more annoying than being asked to upload a resume or provide a link to a LinkedIn profile, only to have to manually fill out endless fields that require the exact same information. That’s what resume parsing is for, right? Make sure your application process is as quick and painless as possible, while still providing you with the candidate information you need. Realizing that employers can receive between 75 and 250 applications per opening, candidates know the odds are stacked against them for any given position. They don’t want to devote hours to applying for one opening when they know they’ll have to apply for dozens more.

Ultimately, all of the recruiting stats in this infographic speak to optimizing the candidate experience. What are some measures that your organization takes to hire the most qualified talent and ensure a deep pipeline of candidates for future openings?

12 Recruiting Statistics That Will Change The Way Your Hire
This infographic was crafted by Officevibe, the employee engagement survey software to help companies improve morale.

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