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3 HR Technology Integrations to Get Excited About

In Hiring Software & Tools — by Erin Engstrom

hr technology integrations

A few months ago, I met with a professional acquaintance of mine during happy hour. He’s in HR at a Denver-based technology company, and his organization had just implemented their first applicant tracking system – one that wasn’t Recruiterbox. I asked him what the primary factor was in the decision to go with their selected ATS, and he said it was their integrations.

That made sense. Organizations use dozens of technology programs and you want them to be able to talk with each other. It’s frustrating to have to enter data in one system that’s readily available in another. All too often, information ends up in silos.

At the time of our meeting, Recruiterbox didn’t integrate with any other software programs. Since then, however, we’ve rolled out three integrations! Two are with human resource information systems, Namely and BambooHR, and one is with the messaging app Slack.



Since the goal of using an ATS is to find the perfect candidates, it also makes sense to then move these candidates forward into your HRIS. To that end, we’ve integrated with Namely.

The new connection with Namely allows users to export candidates that you’ve marked as hired into your Namely account. All users on the Recruiterbox Pro Plan have access to this integration.

Get more information about how to set up the Recruiterbox-Namely integration here.



Just as there are dozens of ATS softwares out there, so are there dozens of HRIS softwares. So we also integrate with BambooHR.

After marking a candidate as “hired,” Recruiterbox Pro Plan users will have the option to add the candidate to their BambooHR account.

More information about how to set up the Recruiterbox-BambooHR integration is here.



The Recruiterbox team lives in Slack – so it was only fitting that Slack was our first integration.

This integration allows teams to receive Recruiterbox notifications in Slack. Once enabled, users will be notified of the following:

  • When a candidate is added to a stage you’re assigned to
  • When another user mentions you in an internal note
  • When another user includes you in a candidate interview

This integration is available to all Recruiterbox users. Find more information about it here.

So why did we choose to integrate with these three programs first? After speaking with our customers and learning more about their needs, these were the integration suggestions that kept on coming up. But we’re not even close to done with our integrations. Our customers offer us suggestions all the time and we take their feedback seriously, so keep your eyes peeled for more in the coming months.

If you’re interested in seeing how these integrations work, sign up for a live demo today!

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