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3 Ways Trakstar Hire Automates The Candidate Experience

In Hiring Software & Tools — by Noel Diem

Where do you start with your search when you’re looking to hire? Are you immediately posting a job opening, looking through hundreds of resumes, and manually scheduling dozens of interviews with your hiring team? There’s a reason recruiting is a full-time job for many people – it takes a lot of time.

If you use an applicant tracking system (ATS), you might have better luck. Why? An ATS helps you automate the candidate experience from the minute you determine your hiring needs. Trakstar Hire is one of the top-rated applicant tracking systems because it automates many of the touchpoints on the candidate journey.

Why Should You Automate The Candidate Experience?

When someone is looking for a new job, there’s a lot of risk and fear. They want to know that the new company is dependable, organized, and interested in them. If not, you may experience candidate ghosting, a lack of qualified candidates, or difficulties getting people to sign. Automating the experience can decrease manual work while increasing your touchpoints with candidates. 

That’s a huge win-win in today’s recruiting and hiring processes.

5 Pivotal Ways Trakstar Hire Automates The Candidate Experience

When automating your candidate experience, you may be worried that something will go wrong. In fact, when you’re using an applicant tracking system, you can take the time to ensure that everything is perfect once, and then it repeats itself over and over again. 

Of course, you may have to do some things like input job descriptions and build hiring teams, but our applicant tracking system has Insights, an embedded dashboard that helps you make smarter decisions around your hiring efforts as well. 

Optimize Your Job Postings To Reach Your Ideal Candidates

Optimizing job postings is important for several reasons:

  1. Attracting the right candidates: A well-optimized job posting will attract the right candidates with the desired skills and qualifications. By being specific about what the job entails and what skills and qualifications are required, you can attract candidates who are a good fit for the role.
  2. Standing out from the competition: In today’s job market, candidates have many options. By optimizing your job posting with a clear and compelling job title, an engaging job description, and an attractive salary and benefits package, you can stand out from the competition and attract top talent.
  3. Saving time and resources: By attracting the right candidates, you can save time and resources that would otherwise be spent reviewing applications from unqualified candidates. This can streamline the hiring process and help you find the right candidate more quickly.
  4. Building a strong employer brand: A well-optimized job posting can also help build your employer brand by conveying your company’s values, mission, and culture. This can attract candidates who share your company’s values and are more likely to be a good fit for your organization.

Overall, optimizing job postings is essential for attracting the right candidates, standing out from the competition, saving time and resources, and building a strong employer brand.

Personalize Your Communications Without Sacrificing Speed

An applicant can tell when you send them an email that you wrote for and sent to ten other people. Applicants who receive personalized messages are more likely to schedule an interview, sign a contract, and talk to you. Talent acquisition teams can use Trakstar Hire to create the formula for an email and then fill in the pertinent information to make it feel truly unique.

By automating certain sentences, creating formats, and then personalizing messages based on opening, you’re saving yourself about 80% of the work. 

Save Time on Manual Processes & Repeat Work

Automation can help save time in several ways when it comes to hiring new people:

  1. Automated job postings: Automation can help create and post job listings across multiple job boards, career websites, and social media channels. This can save time by eliminating the need to post the job on multiple platforms manually.
  2. Applicant screening: Automated applicant screening tools can help filter resumes and applications based on predefined criteria such as experience, education, and skills. This can save time by reducing the number of resumes that need to be reviewed manually.
  3. Interview scheduling: Automated interview scheduling tools can help schedule interviews with candidates, sending out invites and reminders automatically. This can save time by eliminating the need for manual coordination of interview schedules.
  4. Candidate communication: Automated communication tools can help keep candidates informed about the status of their applications and next steps. This can save time by reducing the need for manual follow-up with candidates.
  5. Onboarding: Automation can also be used to streamline the onboarding process by automating the collection of new-hire paperwork, setting up new-hire accounts, and delivering training materials.

By automating these tasks, hiring managers and HR teams can save time and focus on more strategic aspects of the hiring process, such as interviewing and evaluating candidates. Additionally, automation can help ensure a consistent and efficient hiring process, reducing errors and improving the candidate experience.

Automation Isn’t Scary With Trakstar Hire

Automation is something that scares many HR leaders and recruiters, but it doesn’t have to be scary. When you work with a company like Trakstar, you have a true partner in all of your hiring efforts.

If you want to learn more about Trakstar Hire, a streamlined applicant tracking system that makes the hiring process smoother and easier for you and your potential hires, schedule a live demo today

Trakstar Hire is considered the most user friendly hiring software on the market. If you’re ready to take your recruiting and hiring to the next level, request a Trakstar Hire demo today.

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