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4 Companies Attracting Quality Talent with Unique Perks

In Human Resources — by Trakstar

When it comes to recruiting the top employees for your company, the way to do it is by making people want to work for you. One way to entice potential candidates is by going beyond basic benefits and offering something unique in the way of employee perks. Here are some examples of companies that offer the most unique perks to keep their employees happy and their résumé inbox full of only the best candidates.


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Google is well known for having lots of unique perks employee benefits. HowStuffWorks reported about some including:

  • Free food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • On-site haircuts.
  • A fully equipped gym and swim-in-place pool.
  • Gamerooms with video games and tables for ping pong, billiards, and foosball.
  • Laundry facility and dry cleaning services.
  • On-site medical staff.

When it comes to health, Forbes noted benefits such as:

  • Death benefits where spouses of employees receive 50% of the employee’s salary every year for a decade. Children also receive a $1,000 monthly payment until they reach 19.
  • Maternity benefits of 18 weeks paid leave and paternity benefits of six weeks of paid leaves.

Google of course says that working for them is about passion, not perks . Of course, it’s hard not to be a passionate employee when so many great benefits are available to you, right at the workplace.


Tired of running out of sick time every year? SAS, the leader in business analytics software and business intelligence, has a number of great benefits including the following:

  • Three weeks of paid company vacation and unlimited sick days.
  • Healthcare centers at many offices.
  • Subsidized on-site child care centers.
  • Recreation and fitness centers at the main headquarters and reimbursements for those at regional offices for fitness memberships.
  • College scholarship program for children of employees.
  • No dress code.

In CNN Money’s list of Best Companies to Work For , one manager noted that people stay at SAS because of the benefits and because they feel seen, attended to, and cared for.


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Zappos prides itself on customer service. And in order to provide above-average customer service, you need to have employees that are above-average happy. Here are some of the benefits Zappos offers to their employees .

  • Above-average medical, dental, and vision insurance coverage.
  • On-site wellness service.
  • Pet insurance.
  • Pre-paid legal.
  • 40% employee discount for those who love shoes and accessories.
  • Free food for breakfast, lunch, snacks, and breaks.
  • Monthly team outings.
  • Nap rooms so you can rest and rejuvenate for the remainder of the workday.

Company culture boils down to happiness at Zappos.


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While some people think about domains and hosting, GoDaddy is also referred to as a great place to work. They focus on health, fun, and building relationships outside of the office in a number of ways including the following:

  • Healthy living coaching programs.
  • Healthy lunch & vending machine options.
  • A variety of services including flu shots, health fairs, and biometric screening.
  • Tuition reimbursement.
  • Adoption assistance.
  • Godaddy cares community service.
  • Holiday parties, picnics, and team building retreats.

As someone who has been inside their offices, I can say that their holiday parties are not standard by any means. There are photos of people standing inside booths full of cash and rocking out at GoDaddy sponsored concerts. They definitely mean it when they say fun!

What Employees Really Have to Say

Want to know more about what employees at the companies and others have to say about their work environment, perks, and more? Find out from anonymous reviews posted at Glassdoor . There you can learn even more about various perks and benefits offered by other companies – including your competitors who might be snatching valuable employees from you!

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