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4 Tech #Hacks for Smooth Onboarding

In Human Resources — by Recruiterbox

In this second installment of our Recruiting Hacks series, we take a look at some ways that HR and recruiting technology can smooth out the onboarding process. Companies with great onboarding processes have been known to have higher retention rates and those properly onboarded employees are also known to start producing faster. Why not let tech help?!

Use Recorded Virtual Interviews

This is a tech hack for the more personal, or social side of onboarding. Virtual interviewing has grown in popularity because of its proven ROI, convenience and efficiency. These recorded interviews aren’t only useful in the hiring process, they grant employers wonderful insights for the onboarding process.

When viewing recorded interviews with onboarding in mind, personal insights can be gathered and used to connect with the new employees. Perhaps they mentioned cycling or art as passions in their interview. These little mentions are important to note in getting to know them.

Connect Socially

Many companies are starting to enhance their intranet with social capability to take advantage of how users are already communicating. We learn in a Mashable report that, “ Social networking was the most time-consuming online activity for Americans in 2012, followed by checking email, watching online video and using search engines. Internet users in the United States between the ages of 13 and 64 spent an average of 37 minutes on social networks out of just over three hours online per day.”

We use social media in our recruiting efforts through optimized applicant tracking systems , but it is also extremely effective in the onboarding process. Social media is the perfect way to get new employees to engage, share and connect. If a company doesn’t have a social intranet, LinkedIn is a powerful professional social network that all employees should be using to connect.

Leaders can facilitate this engagement by starting a LI group and personally inviting new employees to join in the discussion. Facebook and Twitter might come later, but don’t push it; they aren’t always appropriate for professional relationships.

Self-Service Portals

These can be a lifesaver for HR professionals, especially in larger companies. There is a lot to cover. There are automatic payments to set up, paperwork to complete, handbooks to go through and so much more. None of the wonderful benefits of self-service portals are worth a lick if new employees aren’t helped to discover them.

Cutting out the middleman in these processes is beneficial to everyone. A simple and helpful course on how to use these can be extremely effective in expediting the onboarding process. When guiding new employees through the self-service portal, remember that not everyone has the same tech background. These systems are totally new to some.

Effective LMS

While onboarding does (or at least should) have a strong social element, there are a lot of required steps to take on the technical side of work life. Training and compliance can be a paperwork nightmare even in smaller companies. It’s simply a lot to handle effectively.

How do you feel about your own company’s onboarding process? Do you have any questions for us about onboarding or your HR and recruiting technology? Connect with us on Twitter or Facebook .

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