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5 Beautiful Careers Pages Designed to Attract Candidates

In Hiring Software & Tools — by Erin Engstrom

If a prospective candidate has landed on your careers page, congratulations: You’ve won 90 percent of the battle. More so than candidates who simply happen upon your openings through a job board or search engine, the candidates who take the time to visit your careers page aren’t just interested in the role, but in the company.

The last 10 percent of the battle still has to be won, though – and that’s where your careers page comes in. A careers page is the ultimate place to not only display your openings, but to also showcase your employer brand. Why does your company exist? What do you stand for? Why should a candidate want to work for you? What are your current employees saying? Your careers page can address these questions and many more. Check out these five winning careers pages and see why they’re effective.


You’d think that listing your openings above the fold would be a no-brainer, but it’s actually fairly uncommon. Sure, prospective candidates want to learn about your benefits and culture. But if you don’t have an open role for them, that information doesn’t do them much immediate good. So putting openings right at the top is a great idea. They also list their openings in the usual place, at the bottom of the page.

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This careers page does a stronger job than most of tying in its visual brand identity. They also tout enticing benefits like flexible work hours, open vacation and catered lunches. By spelling out their core values, they’re more likely to attract candidates whose own values jive with corporate culture.

What we love:

  • openings at top (and bottom) of page
  • stylish design elements
  • list of benefits
  • list of core values

Loggly careers page


Featuring a video on your careers page is always a good idea. It’s one thing to read a quote, but film helps someone’s personality shine through like no other medium. Job-seekers want to know what their coworkers are like, and video’s the perfect way to show them. Also, a message delivered by an individual is almost always more effective than one that’s generated by the company. (Hint: Once you’ve created your recruitment video, don’t confine it to your careers page. Definitely showcase it on YouTube, and consider excerpting snippets on Instagram and Vine.)

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The clean, uncluttered feel of this page doesn’t overwhelm prospective candidates, and ensures they can focus on the right information. Again, the list of benefits is great – especially when you’ve got benefits like these (Equity, flexible hours and a dog-friendly office? Come on!).

What we love:

  • video with CEO
  • clean design
  • list of benefits

CoreOS careers page

The Market

Talk about an exercise in simplicity. This careers page is about as spare as you can get, which just goes to show you: Even if you don’t have vast resources to devote to your careers page, you can still create one that’s appealing and effective. The bold red text used for the openings really allows them to pop on the page, and the menu-like design ties cleverly ties into the business.

Another great element on this page is the email sign-up form. This tool can help you to build a talent community. Employers create talent communities in order to interact with prospective candidates, as well as to inform candidates about employment opportunities, receive referrals and handpick qualified individuals from inside the group. Job-seekers who visit your careers page but don’t apply are exactly the people you want in your talent community. By reaching out to them with a newsletter, you can re-engage them into considering working for you.

What we love:

  • design that relates to the product
  • email form

The Market careers page


This UX firm is really showcasing its talents in its pared-down, visually stunning careers page. Each circle at the top of the page offers a glimpse of a larger image that offers more insight about what Blink does and who works there. They emphasize the opportunity for professional development, which is an appeal – and probably even a requirement – to any talented, driven candidate.

What we love:

  • strong imagery
  • detailing of professional perks

Blink UX careers page


This careers page smartly breaks down its workforce into teams. A lawyer or an accountant may not immediately think to apply for a job at a company that specializes in display and video advertising, but those skills are needed across industries – including this one. The linked Yearbook provides additional insight into the people and culture of Celtra, without cramming it all onto a single, never-ending page. Their benefits are neatly showcased (travel, anyone?), and prospective candidates are able to sort openings according to department and location for added convenience.

What we love:

  • organizing of roles by team and location
  • link to supplemental collateral (Yearbook)
  • list of benefits
  • smart use of icons

Celtra careers page

On the surface, these five careers pages are quite different. But the common thread is that Trakstar Hire helps to power all of them. To learn how Hire can help you with your careers page, schedule a live demo today!

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