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8 Great Recruiting Videos and How They Help With Employer Branding

In Hiring Software & Tools — by Dave Anderson

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A few years ago, we published a blog post titled “5 Great Recruitment Videos on YouTube and Why They Work.” It has been one of our most popular posts but has slowly become outdated. Recruiting videos are now common and some great ones have shown up online since that article went live.

It’s time for another look at the great recruiting videos out there, so we put together this list. Here are eight examples of effective employer branding videos and why each one works so well:

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The Making of the Airbnb iPhone App

Airbnb has multiple recruiting videos but my personal favorite focuses on the creation of their iPhone app. The mini-documentary tells the story of the making, launch and reception of the app through interviews with the people who created it. Airbnb is known for a being an innovative company and this video provides a glimpse into the exciting work they do.

GoPro: Office Soccer

I expected GoPro to have a cool recruiting video and they came through. A couple of their employees (who happen to be former professional soccer players) put on GoPro cameras and start an office soccer game. It’s not necessarily inspirational or humorous like the other videos on this list but it does show the company has a fun culture. And it plays on the background of their careers section, giving the page a unique look.

A Day in the Life of Animal Humane Society

Yes, the Animal Humane Society video has a lot of cute animals. But the best part about it is that it’s honest. Working at a human society means rolling up your sleeves and doing difficult, messy and heart-wrenching work. The Animal Humane Society video provides a detailed and authentic look at the typical day for their employees.

Square Careers

Square takes the typical approach in their recruiting video, featuring employee stories, office shots and soft music. But overall the video is so well done. One employee shares the story of how he got into technology as a child and now gets to do it for a job. Another talks about how she was a Square customer and their values inspired her to join the company. The video is a great example of why production quality matters.

Working at Dropbox

Dropbox’s video is popular in the recruiting industry and for good reason. It’s the employee testimonials video, with one major exception. The employees are played by muppets. It’s a hilarious take on the cliche careers video most companies do and shows Dropbox employees definitely have a good time at work.

Careers at the World Wildlife Fund

The World Wildlife Fund does an excellent job showcasing their people and values in their careers video. It’s divided into segments that each cover a particular value and includes employees talking about how the organization delivers on them. It also includes shots of World Wildlife Fund employees around the world doing helping animals and the environment.

Wegmans Anthem

Most the examples on this list are from tech brands that you would expect to have cool videos. Wegmans is a grocery store chain that consistently makes Fortune’s “Best Companies to Work For” list. Their well-produced video includes stories from a diverse group of employees who each share their stories. It’s a great way for the company to show they offer long-term careers, unlike other retail and service-industry jobs.

VMware Careers

Like Wegmans, VMWare is widely recognized for being a great company to work for. They have a solid employer branding strategy and regularly produce videos to provide insight into the employee experience. “VMware Careers” has it’s only YouTube channel that has multiple videos featuring company happenings, employee testimonials, internal training programs, tours of offices and more.

Takeaways for creating a great recruiting video

  • Have a unique approach – There is nothing wrong with getting shots of the office and asking employees what they like about their jobs. But don’t settle on doing the same old video most companies create. Figure out how to make yours a bit different.
  • Capture authenticity – Your employees probably aren’t actors so allow them to be natural on camera. Don’t record separate takes or guide them on what to say. The best careers videos include candid shots and people speaking from the heart.
  • Quality matters Yes, your phone records video but you can do better. Hire a professional who can provide the right gear and editing expertise or ask around your office. You might have an employee who is a hobbyist videographer.
  • Make video part of your employer branding strategy  Make sure your recruiting video is featured prominently on your company’s careers page. You can even go a step further and create a series of videos that each highlight different aspects of the employee experience.

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