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8 Useful Recruitment Infographics

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Want to learn more about recruitment? Infographics provide a huge amount of data presented in a visually appealing way. Here are eight of the most informative infographics on recruiting covering the current state of recruiting, social recruiting, specific company’s recruiting processes, and more!

Confessions of the Recruitment Industry

Does your recruiting process stack up to the norm? Here are some quick secrets of the recruitment industry compiled by BeHiring . For example, would you toss a resume because of one spelling or grammatical error?

2012 State of Recruiting Infographic

Talent Technology gathered a lot of data in their 2012 recruitment survey to help businesses build a solid recruiting strategy to find the best candidates possible. See the biggest challenges most companies face while recruiting for talent, the time spent on specific recruiting tasks, and where the best candidates are generally found.

The Landscape of Recruitment

Do you feel like you’re in a battle with other companies to recruit the best talent? According to Kelly Outsourcing & Consulting , you are. This infographic shows you some of the things potential employees look for when deciding what company to work with.

Job Searching with Social Media

This infographic by Career Enlightenment shows how a number of companies are turning to social media for their recruiting process, from searching for candidates to actually researching them based on public profiles. Did you know that 92% of hiring managers used or planned to use social media to recruit in 2010?

YouTube Recruiting

This infographic by HireRabbit looks at why it is important to use YouTube for recruiting. YouTube is the third most popular website in the world behind Google and Facebook. It has also been found that job listings with videos are viewed 12% more times and receive 34% more applications than listings without.

Facebook Recruiting

This infographic, also by HireRabbit, shows the importance of using Facebook for recruiting. Considering almost everyone is on Facebook and it is the most used social network worldwide, it’s fitting to find job recruits there as well. It’s especially helpful that Facebook offers advertising with precise targeting options that can help ensure that your career opportunities are seen by the right candidates.

What Does It Take to Get a Job at Google

Want to see one of the most complex recruitment processes? Get an inside glimpse into the recruitment process Google uses in this infographic by Jobvine including a sample of some of their crazy interview questions.

Using Infographics for Recruiting

If you’re inspired by infographics, why not use one as part of your recruitment process? This one by Kite Consultants drew hundreds of tweets and likes on their own site as well as several shares on other websites. It’s a great way to make sure your recruitment ad gets shared by many others. And it’s not too difficult to create them thanks to tools like and .

Have you found any useful infographics on recruiting? Please share your favorites in the comments!

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