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Our Quick Guide to Job Boards: Where To Post

Once you’ve written a job description that will pull in ideal talent, you’ve gotten the go-ahead to post the opening, and you are ready to start collecting resumes – what do you do now? You can post your job openings in hundreds of places, but should you post them everywhere? The short answer is no;…
27 September 2022

Offer Letter 101: How To Write Better Employment Offer Letters

You’ve done the work to find the resumes for your ideal candidates, interviewed them using a hiring team, scored them based on your company culture, and now you need to do your final task: writing an offer letter. When you find the person you want to bring into your company, writing a perfect offer letter…
16 September 2022

The Benefits of Hiring Non-Traditional Employees

Sometimes, HR leaders don’t see the benefit in hiring non-traditional employees because all they can see are some of the hurdles they’ll encounter. However, there are problems with the traditional employment model, and going outside of the traditional talent pool may actually benefit your workforce.When we say “non-traditional” employees, it could refer to almost anything.…
29 July 2022

How to Build A Killer Hiring Team

Are you looking to build a killer hiring team? Right now, finding top talent is difficult, so you need to have the best people surrounding you to get the job done. When you build a hiring team, you need to consider all the different types of people this position will impact.Remember that SHRM estimates the…
14 July 2022

7 Digital Recruitment Challenges (And How To Overcome Them)

Every day, it seems like the number of digital recruitment challenges climbs even higher. Human resources leaders, recruitment managers, and small and mid-size business owners are struggling to find good, reliable candidates.  Digital recruiting has opened up a new world of talent, but it has also made everything about digital recruitment harder. The problems you…
28 June 2022

Recruitment Analytics: What You Really Need To Know

Recruitment analytics are having a bit of a moment right now as everyone tries to navigate the great resignation and the turnover tsunami. Human resources leaders and recruiters are facing problems that they haven’t faced in quite some time: they have to do the courting and the chasing. For a long time, applicants and candidates…
14 June 2022

Why Are Your Candidates Ghosting You?

Many HR leaders are reporting the same growing problem: candidates ghosting them on interviews. What is ghosting? It is when a candidate that showed promise doesn’t show up to interviews, won’t respond to emails, and then won’t answer the phone. Sometimes, this is for the first interview but even more perplexing is that sometimes it…
01 April 2022

The Complete Guide to Employee Onboarding

Whether or not you’ve ever gone through a formal onboarding process, you’re probably familiar with all the questions that come with a new job. Day one brings equal parts excitement and uncertainty. You walk into the workplace full of questions like: Where do I go? What should I work on first? How do I get…
17 March 2020

Hiring in a Candidate’s Market

The United States economy is currently in great shape. It’s doing so well in fact, that we’re near “full employment.” For every 100 Americans who want a job, more than 96 of them are employed.  While this is positive news in almost every way, it does mean there is a shortage of qualified candidates for…
20 August 2019

Prevent Ghosting: Why Candidate Experience Matters Now More Than Ever

A few months ago, a Wall Street Journal article about candidates and new hires “ghosting” recruiters was all the talk on LinkedIn. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, it comes from the world of online dating and refers to when a person abruptly ceases all contact with someone they had previously expressed interest in. It’s…
22 April 2019