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5 Simple Steps to Filter Your Craigslist Candidates

Everyone loves Craigslist, right? You can find pretty much anything on there, from an apartment to a pet sitter to the perfect mod couch. And candidates – you can definitely find candidates for your job openings on Craigslist. For a lot of us, Craigslist is probably the most immediate source of candidates. For certain roles,…
22 October 2015

Recruiting on Instagram: 4 Companies Crushing It

Using social media for recruiting purposes goes way beyond LinkedIn. Facebook and Twitter are popular channels, of course. Some companies trying to attract younger employees find that Snapchat is an effective recruitment tool. Taco Bell is doing an awesome job on Pinterest. And then there are the companies recruiting on Instagram. Looking for recruiting inspiration on Instagram…
17 September 2015

Back to School: Campus Recruiting for Small Businesses

In the last several weeks, millions of students across the country have returned to school. It’s an exciting time for everybody: There are old friends to catch up with, new friends to make and lots of information to be learned. For college seniors, it’s an especially dynamic time. In addition to anticipating one last year…
09 September 2015

Who’s Applying? A Guide to the Working Generations

Every day, the workforce shifts a single notch. With over 10,000 people retiring every day , recruiters have to think about whom they’re targeting with each job they post. Some shifts in the workforce are easier to account for: the 70% of women 25-34 in the workforce, versus the 90% of men in that age…
18 March 2015

What to Look for in a Resume

If you’ve ever been part of a search committee to fill a position within your organization, you know how difficult it can be to weed through all of the applications you receive. Did you know that on average it takes a recruiter only six seconds to decide on an applicant based on their resume? While…
21 August 2014

The Perfect Job Title

Organizations from big to small have their own way of doing things. Smaller companies might call a receptionist a “Front Desk Warrior” while a larger company’s job ad might say “Administrative Clerk”. There are dozens of titles for the same position. As recruiters and hiring managers get more creative with their titles, their jobs ads…
03 September 2013

The Benefits and Risks of Hiring Internationally

Congratulations! You’re thinking about hiring internationally! At some point in a company’s life, they’re going to have to consider hiring someone from outside their own country, and there are many factors to consider. Are you willing (and able) to deal with the different kinds of visas necessary for someone from outside the United States to…
30 April 2015

The Art of Headhunting: More Than Your Average Recruiter

Recruiters are responsible for bringing in candidates who are the best of the best. However, they can only gather the most innovative and proficient talent pool to select from if they have the right tools. Even if they are the right tools and skills, there is always the chance they could be used better. Technological…
08 July 2014

Recruitment Messaging: Targeting the Right Candidate Pool

It’s not enough to ask recruits “Do you want to work here?” Candidates need motivation to work with your organization. That motivation comes from the recruitment message. Your recruitment message attracts the right candidate pool the first time. Social media posts, employer branding and job advertisements all play a vital role in the brand messages…
23 December 2014

Poaching and Non-Competes: How to Fight Clean

As a lean-thinking recruiter, you want to run a tight ship. That means making great hires that will stay with the company and prove a valuable asset to your business. And while your employer is keeping those hires happy, there’s always the chance that someone will try to poach an engaged and happy employee away.…
24 February 2015