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5 Questions to Determine Which Social Networks Are Best for Small Business

One of the biggest challenges for any small business is time. Between finding new employees , motivating them , building a winning team , and increasing productivity , there really aren’t too many moments to waste. So you certainly don’t want to waste precious time on online marketing endeavors that might not offer a decent…
28 June 2012

4 Reasons to Hire People Switching Careers

‘Changing careers’ is like a blinking red light on a resume, isn’t it? You want to know the why, how, what, when of the employee and ten-to-one odds, you may still not hire him or her. Here are four reasons you should increase the odds and go for the switcher: 1. They bring unrelated experience…
31 January 2012

4 More Ways to Find the Right Job Candidate Online

So, let’s say you’ve created a career opportunities page on your website, shared it on social media , and even bought a few bits of social advertising , but you still want to expand the search or try new avenues. Here are a few additional places and ways to look to find new employees! Niche…
05 July 2012

3 Fun Recruitment Videos That Engage Candidates

Imagine this. You’re 15 years old, working at an amusement park during summer break. You’re not taking tickets or working with roller coasters. Instead, you’re stuck working games. You know, cheesy stuff like Whac-a-Mole or Guess My Weight, the stuff that visitors aren’t psyched to do but might do anyway as they’re waiting for their…
12 August 2015