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Does Extensive Publicity Restrict Start-up Growth?

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Are you a start-up getting extensive attention from the media? Is your product ready for a lot of press? Are you able to manage your business as well as the spotlight on your start-up at the same time?

Tara Hunt, the CEO and co-founder of Buyosphere, discusses her view on early buzz faced by start-ups in her article, ‘ Why Premature Hype Kills Start-ups ’. Here, she explores several case studies and advises start-ups to:

  • Focus on building a product that deserves praise
  • If your product is great, it will market itself
  • Avoid creating a buzz till your product or business is market ready
  • If you are already being talked about, wait for an apt, later time to respond

How did you manage when your start-up grabbed the eyeballs earlier than your expectations? Share your thoughts by sending an email to .

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