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In Hiring Strategy — by Recruiterbox

Email has become such an integral part of our life. We exchange notes, messages, attachments, invitations, news, subscriptions to digital things and so much more. We live on our email. And now it is on our phone as well. A little typing and a little clicking – vroom! It is so easy!

As the years are passing, we are also learning that for certain key tasks – we need to be more organized and efficient in using email. The frequency and number of emails that we receive are going up, and not everything can be done on email. Hence, the internet has evolved to include Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, business apps, productivity tools and marketplaces. Of course, these are communities and tools with more functionality than email. And that’s the key – functionality. To make our online functioning better – we need the right tool for the right task.

Such is the vastness of human imagination; folks are always coming up with different tools to solve different problems. Even though we have a “my documents” folder and companies have their own “network folders,” a tool called Dropbox is extremely successful with millions of people. This is because it allows people to save and access their files easily – it is the right tool to solve that immediate problem. And its incredibly simple! Relevance and simplicity – those are the pillars of any good technology.

There are many specific problems that we don’t even think of, but tools are emerging to solve them. While I was hiring at my last company, I realized that we were too small to have an entire suite of HR software (with applicant tracking capabilities), but at the same time my email was jammed up with all the resumes we were receiving. I wanted all these resumes to automatically fly into a central place and be organized by openings, and also be searchable by their text. That would be sweet! If my team and I could look at all these applicants in one place and make notes on their profiles and schedule interviews – life would be so easy. Sometimes we intuitively know how things can be made easier but we need the right tool to match these needs.

These were some of the fundamental thoughts that led to the creation of Recruiterbox . It allows folks to automatically receive resumes to its platform by openings. And it’s flexible enough to work with your email – in case you already have old resumes there. Relevance and simplicity are the only two factors that make this a useful tool to a lot of small companies. If you guys have more tool ideas or feedback on Recruiterbox, feel free to write to me – .

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