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Gordon Logan on Making Winning Hiring Decisions

In Hiring Strategy — by Recruiterbox

Gordon Logan, the founder and CEO of Sport Clips Haircuts shares his insights on how he grew his company by making the right hiring decisions.

When you initially started hiring for the first few employees – what were the winning decisions you stumbled upon?

We were very cautious hiring for our first Sport Clips, looking for someone with managerial experience, a proven track record, and most of all good values and enthusiasm.

We found that in our very first hire – Julie Vargas led that first store for several years, taking it to $10,000/week before becoming our corporate Director of Career Opportunities, the position she holds with us today. We have many long-term team members, some pre-dating Julie (we were in the full service salon business before we started Sport Clips).

You can teach skills, but fundamental values and a positive outlook is absolutely critical when you are building a team.

What were the couple key things that helped you hire the game-changing early members of your team?

We knew we wanted team members who would live the values of Sport Clips: do the right thing, do your best and treat others the way they want to be treated.

Finding people who shared our values and were willing to do whatever it took to be successful was the key to our success then and it remains so today.

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