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#Hack Your Candidate Experience with These 4 Tech Tips

In Hiring Strategy — by Recruiterbox

Welcome to the first installment of our Recruiting Hacks series! Recruiterbox is founded on how technology can make recruiting and hiring processes more efficient. We’re practically built on the hacking mind frame. We love finding ways to use technology to improve all areas of the recruiting process.

This week we want to give recruiters insights on how to use their technology to improve the candidate experience. The candidate experience can make or break the employer brand . Here are 4 simple and effective ways to improve the candidate experience.

Automated Communications

An astounding 77 percent of job applicants receive no communication from the organization after applying for an advertised position. That number represents a lost of missed opportunities for employers.

Whether this is a “let ‘em down easy” email, or a simple notification that their application has been received, quick and courteous communication is paramount in creating a great candidate experience. This is where your applicant tracking system can help tremendously. Canned emails are ready and waiting to be sent out automatically. This ensures that candidates are treated with the respect of timely communications.

Video Interviewing

Offering candidates the convenience of video interviewing is one simple and effective way to cater to the candidates needs. This method of interviewing, while saving companies on resources, gives candidates the ability to interview when and where they choose.

Virtual interviewing also displays an embrace of technology that a lot of new talent is looking for in today’s competitive recruiting atmosphere.

Get Social

Did you know that social media is now the number one Internet activity in the world? 2013 marked the year of social when it topped email and online shopping as the number one place Internet surfers spend their time. So it makes a whole lot of sense that 2013 is also known as the year of social recruiting .

Recruiters have the chance to automate job listings through their ATS , screen candidates via their social media networks and reach out to potential candidates. The possibilities are endless with social recruiting when we consider the reach of new talent pools that it lends.

The Company Career Page

The company career page is usually the first point of contact between the candidate and the organization. This is the companies small corner of the internet where they have the opportunity to frame their message and brand in exactly the way they wish to be perceived. Many organizations haven’t optimized this tool for simple navigation, easy applying and for mobile use. This is a big opportunity for employers to wow candidates; don’t pass it up. Check out how to make the most of your career page here on our blog.

Using technology to impact the candidate experience in a positive way is so simple and effective. Many of these processes that ensure a smooth experience can be automated and actually save time. This sounds like a win-win to us! We’re passionate about HR technologies because we see the strength in them. HR is considered the backbone of most organizations; it only makes sense to support it with the right tools to create a stronger workforce.

Trakstar Hire is considered the most user friendly hiring software on the market. If you’re ready to take your recruiting and hiring to the next level, request a Trakstar Hire demo today.