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Hire Your First Employee With Recruiterbox

In Hiring Software & Tools — by Recruiterbox

You are in startup mode. Lots of things going on – your product just launched, a revised version is in the works, marketing efforts are on – and yes – all this is being done by you and your fellow co-founder. In the midst of this madness, you need to hire an employee or two, or three (if some angel has smiled at you).

You get the word out, and soon enough you have resumes trickling in to your inbox. Trouble is, they are interspersed with all your usual mail. Even if they are segregated, you now have to open each applicant email, download the attached resume, open it, screen the candidate for interviews. And let’s say you have the good problem of having too many good candidates, there is a pile of email to sort through. This is a problem, especially when you have to co-ordinate with your co-founder.

Your first hires are crucial as they have an exponential impact on your company. You do no want to loose that perfect fit, least of all for a reason like you didn’t see the email with his or her resume! Or you thought your partner already spoke to that candidate. The reasons can be numerous when there are a hundred things going on. Your team may be small but you want to make sure you have the tools to organize your hiring.

That is why we built Recruiterbox. To help small companies manage their hiring. It is designed keeping in mind the work flow, time constraints and budget of startups. Visit us at if you are hiring or intend to hire shortly, and knock it around for free.

– Raj Sheth

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