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Hiring In Unstable Conditions: What You Should Know

In Hiring Software & Tools — by Noel Diem

Hiring new talent in unsettled, turbulent times can be messy for many recruiters and hiring managers. People are still interested in finding new jobs or making new business connections when the economy is turbulent, but they aren’t sure if they want to take the leap and join a new company.

The pressure is on! Even for companies with well-known names, people can be afraid to leave the safe and move into something new. After all, companies like Twitter and Meta have been hemorrhaging employees. What does that mean for a smaller organization or company with less name recognition?
It means hiring is going to be more challenging than ever.

The key to hiring in turbulent times is to be prepared and ready. Make sure your company is ready for a new employee before you start looking for one; if you don’t have the right infrastructure in place, it will be rough. If you can find someone who wants to join your team and help grow it, congratulations!

But don’t stop there—make sure they’re happy with their position and that they fit into your organization’s overall culture.

Ensure Your Job Descriptions Are Up to Date

Are your job descriptions doing a good job of encouraging applicants to apply for jobs with you and accept them? Your descriptions should sell your organization to the applicant, telling why they should leave a job that pays them well and move into something new.

This means you need to convince them that your organization is a better place to work than the one they’re currently at. Tell them why working for your company will improve their lives and why they need to apply now rather than later. The goal is to get applicants excited about working for your company. You can do this by telling them about the benefits of working there, such as flexible work schedules, opportunities for advancement and career development, and a chance to make a difference in the lives of others. 

Highlight any perks especially appealing to people applying for jobs with you; these include benefits like health insurance coverage or retirement plans.

Mostly: instill confidence in the future of your organization. Will you still be around in 5 years? Job applicants want to know how you know that.

For more information about writing a better job post, click here.

Focus Your Efforts In A Few Places

What job boards are you posting to? It makes a big difference in the type of candidates who will see your posting. It may seem like casting a wide net is the best approach to job openings, but that isn’t always true.

You need to find better job boards and sites where you can post openings for people who are serious about looking for jobs. The best job boards for you are ones that will help you target the type of people you want to hire. If you want someone with experience in your industry or those who have worked at other companies like yours, then there are sites designed for this purpose.

If you need people who are just starting their careers, you may post to broader sites. If you’re looking for something specific, there are niche boards available.

See our guide to job boards for more.

Set Up A Better Hiring Team

Your hiring team is the face of your company to applicants. Are you showing them a good one? Think about the people you will put on a hiring team: do they attend meetings on time? Do they come across professionally? If remote, do they have strong internet connections? Are they engaging? All of these things make an impact on whether or not someone takes a job with your company.

You might be surprised at how much of an impact these things make. No one wants to work with a disorganized or unprofessional team, which will reflect poorly on your company as a whole.

When building a hiring team, focus on engaging, entertaining, interesting employees, and making people feel welcome. This may take some guessing and checking – some employees come across differently when they are with people they know and when they are with strangers.

Build a better hiring team.

Get Your Offer Letter Right

If you get far enough in the hiring process to write an offer letter, you may think that you’re free to take your time or maybe get sloppy.


Your offer letter needs to happen quickly and in the right way. People may just be interviewing to see how far they can get – and that can lead to candidate ghosting. You’ve wasted all this time on a single applicant, only to have them walk away.

Don’t lose the game in the final minutes: be sure you get that offer letter out quickly and in the best way.

Write a better offer letter here.

Know Where You Stand

How is your recruiting and hiring process? Do candidates think you are moving too quickly? Too slowly? Is your process too rigid or too flexible? Does it provide enough information for candidates to make good decisions about whether to apply? Is it clear how the process will unfold?

If you’re unsure about these things, ask someone who has just gone through your hiring process (and preferably someone who successfully landed a job with your company).

You can also use benchmarking data to understand where you compare to other companies in your space. Within Trakstar Hire, we have an Insights dashboard that shows you essential recruitment metrics like speed-to-hire, time-to-fill, job fills, applicants per post, and so much more. If you see something going wrong, you’ll likely notice it in your data before you notice it somewhere else.

Learn more about Benchmarking for Hire.

Be Sure Your Onboarding is Ready

How’s your onboarding program? Do you even have one? Hiring someone is the first step, but you need to get them started and keep them in your ranks. A great onboarding program can help ensure your employee is off to a good start.

Onboarding programs are designed to help new employees get up to speed and feel comfortable in their new roles. It’s not just about training but also about the company culture, getting them acclimated with their team, and understanding the vision for their position. A truly great onboarding program can last for months.

Onboarding is a crucial part of the employee lifecycle, and if you don’t have a program in place, it can make or break your new hire. Here are some ways to get started.

Talk About The Elephant in the Room

Sometimes, being frank and having a conversation is important. If you think your hires may be holding back because of unstable times and conditions, talk them through it. Be as honest and open as you can.

Get Better Results With Trakstar Hire

This is going to be a great year, even though there will be struggles. We can already see that people will be afraid to leave jobs they like to move into something they could love.

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