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How did a ‘TV Salesman’ Earn $62 Million Online!

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Ruslan Kogan was discouraged by his mother when he quit his job to start his business selling LCD televisions online. Six years later, Ruslan’s company Kogan Technologies has grown to become Australia’s biggest online consumer electronics retailer.

Ruslan Kogan’s tips for start-ups:

  • People look for the best value for money. So, when you offer cheaper products, ensure your customers know that they are getting the best product available in the market for their money.
  • Be ready to take risks, work hard and face challenges if you want to do something that people have never done before.

  • If you want to make it big, you have to be an innovator. To be an innovator, you have to think like no one else before. Allow your employees to think differently and give them freedom to innovate.

Miriam Steffens covers the success story of Ruslan Kogan in the article, ‘ The $62 million man who proved his mum wrong ’ on The Sydney Morning Herald.

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