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How did Vincent Porpiglia Quit his Job and Start Dream Water

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Dream Water, a natural liquid remedy for insomnia was Vincent Porpiglia’s idea to start his own business. He moved away from the security of taking up an existing job to partner with David Lekach to launch ‘Dream Products’ in 2009. Today, Dream Water is sold in over 15000 stores including Walmart and Walgreens.

Here are some tips for entrepreneurs who leave their jobs to start their own business:

  1. Be passionate about what you are doing. If you’re just in it for the money or the glory, it’s too much work and you’ll give up much sooner.
  2. Plan your finances in advance. Be prepared to work without drawing a regular salary in the initial stages. Else, seek investors and gather funds to sustain.

  3. Find a competent partner who can complement you. Your new partner should add additional ideas, skills and expertise necessary for the growth of your startup.

  4. Make a list of potential customers from your known circle. Offer them a discount to try and recommend your products in their network.

  5. Invest time in creating a marketing plan. Choose those channels that can best reach your target audience.

  6. Be wise while implementing advice. What worked for other businesses might not work for you. Listen to all but pick what is relevant to you.

Read the whole story on the success of Dream Water in Nancy Mann Jackson’s article, ‘ How to Become your Boss .’

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