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How I Influence My Employees

In Company Culture — by Recruiterbox

By Armando Llorente, Principal Consultant @HRe-sources, LLC

Let’s face it – most employees today are very glad to have a job. Many individuals work harder than before because they often hear, “we have to do more with less.” Employees are so focused on “To Do Lists” and deliverables, that they do not take a step back and assess how, or what, they are doing. How often do we hear, “I have no time to think outside the box or be creative?” Managers are not helping matters because they, too, are being pressed for results like never before.

Robert W. Goldfarb, a management consultant, identified another result of this phenomenon in a New York Times article; May 14, 2011):

“This new environment is breeding suspicion, too. Close associates who were collaborative, are now more guarded as they find themselves competing for promotional opportunities. Some are even hesitant to take vacations for fear they will not be missed or operations will go more smoothly in their absence.”

Does this describe your work place? If so, take prompt action to:

– Monitor the pulse of the organization regularly. Tackle delicate issues promptly.

– Model the behavior you want employees to emulate. If you work 24-7, your push for work-life balance will be seen as a joke.

– Foster creativity/innovation. Make special arrangements to recognize and celebrate achievements (and not necessarily with compensation or incentive payments).

By setting a positive, supportive environment for the team, you will enhance employee engagement and help drive organizational success.

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