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How Recruiterbox Helped Groupon Expand in China –Case Study

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Each organization has unique recruiting and hiring needs and those needs change as the organization grows. For some organizations, growth happens so rapidly that it can become nearly impossible to meet recruiting needs unless change is made to the process.

In China, Groupon operated as and began operations in early 2011. Fabian Kast, the Head of Recruiting for Groupon China was met with the daunting task of setting up multiple offices across different cities with teams who were to simultaneously hire for several positions.


Groupon is a daily deal website that features local and regional deals on activities, restaurants, products, services and a lot more. Groupon is now in 48 countries and growing. They are able to offer deals that generally can’t be found elsewhere due to the amount of customers that Groupon can secure for the vendor.

Their Issues

As Kast and his large team spread out across China, setting up multiple offices and starting the recruiting process, they quickly realized that their operations were not going to work for the scale of hiring they were needing to accomplish. They ran into several issues.

While Kast’s team did have HR software on hand, it was not right for the size and type of recruiting they were doing. Kast had an enterprise-level, heavy-recruitment system used by Human Resources from the central office. This type of software did little to help smaller teams receive and manage all hiring related information.

The sheer number of applications and resumes coming into each office immediately started burying the teams. With loose systems in place; emails, attachments and feedback were nearly impossible to organize in any type of useful manner.

Resumes were forwarded as attachments; feedback was saved in a shared folder. It was quickly obvious to Kast and his team that they needed a comprehensive solution. Their current process was hindering hiring managers from collaborating effectively on new hires. It was also making it extremely difficult to get through each resume in a timely manner. Under-qualified candidates were making it through and relevant candidates we never getting the chance.

The Solution

In the midst of this chaos, Kast had to find a solution to Groupon’s recruiting issues. He found Recruiterbox and gave it a try. Kast immediately saw how easy it was to create openings, upload resumes and navigate the system.

Life in China immediately improved. Very quickly, all of the dispersed Groupon China teams created Recruiterbox accounts. Their previous email nightmare was over with features like auto-forwarding resume emails to the Recruiterbox platform.

The team was also relieved to find how quickly and easily they could scan through resumes as a team. This software allowed them to assign team members to different stages of the recruiting process. This was a system that they created to define their own process. As their workflow drastically improved, they were well on their way to meeting all of their goals. Kast said:

“When Groupon entered China, Recruiterbox’s recruitment software enabled us to manage nearly 500 interviews per week on the way to become the fastest growing country team in the fastest growing company ever.”

Additionally, Kast and his team could add feedback to candidate profiles with Recruiterbox’s web-based recruiting software . Each team member could now view this application and resume feedback before each interview, creating a seamless process that actually worked for their specific needs.

Kast’s team no longer had to worry about scheduling dilemmas either as Recruiterbox also allows scheduling and messaging directly from the platform. Kast said:

“I remember the day when we threw all our Excel sheets away and slept easy again. Recruiterbox is simple, uncomplicated applicant tracking.”

It was all about finding the software that worked for them. Software is not one size fits all, and companies like Groupon with diverse groupings of teams are the prime example of that. Once they found the solution that worked for them, their team was able to rocket Groupon China to success.

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