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How to Identify and Re-energize a Disengaged Employee

In Human Resources — by Trakstar

Some say working without actually working at all is an art form. There are books, articles, apps and devices guiding people on how to look busy without really working. For employers, this could be frightening, considering the high cost of poor productivity is between $450-500 billion a year in just the U.S.

When did the quality of work decline? The plunge in job satisfaction has much to do with it; 45% of surveyed respondents say they are “somewhat satisfied” with their current work conditions. Here’s a speedy guide to identify a disengaged employee and re-energize productivity so you can establish a well-rounded work ethic in your workforce.

Identifying the disengaged employee

Disengaged employees can be experts in the art of “pretending” to work. While this is often a key indicator of a disengaged employee, there are other markers that determine them. Some of the most common signs of disengagement include:

1. Immense complaints

2. Ridiculous and frequent excuses

3. Failure to be a team player/help others

4. Dishonest behavior

5. Lack of enthusiasm

6. No desire for growth

7. Lack of initiative

How employees become disengaged

The news of a job offer invigorates new hires and they are often attentive on the first day. However, every new job has a “honeymoon” stage; the employee is engaged, the team is productive, and the manager is content. Within the first year of a job position, 94% of employees said they felt appreciated and acknowledged. The numbers significantly plummet after the second year with only 55% of employees enjoying their position and 71% feeling appreciated for their work.

Solving Disengagement

An engaged employee is committed to your organization and its mission. Even high performers are subject to becoming disengaged at work. In fact, low performing employees are more engaged than these high performers in 42% of organizations. So how exactly can an employer solve the disengagement problem? Incorporating a collaborative work environment is a start. The growth of social media both through the professional intranet and personal accounts, tracking projects and publicly recognizing employees for accomplishments has become easier.

While disengagement is a facet of employee turnover, 89% of managers think their employees left the company for monetary reasons . However, only 12% quit their jobs… 75% quit their supervisor. Practice better management by communicating effectively with your team to share knowledge with your employees. Give them the opportunity to contribute their thoughts so they feel as though they are an integral part of the company.

When an organization strengthens communication and gives proper guidelines to employees, there is less confusion and more engagement. Unfortunately, 97% of employees and executives believe lack of team alignment impacts how a project is completed. Collaborating with the team is a prominent proponent of project success. Employees who hoard information from coworkers not only end up hurting themselves in the end, they hurt their employers as well. Foster a spirit of teamwork within the office so your employees are encouraged to share knowledge that allows them and their coworkers to grow within the organization.

However, as a manager (or employer) you have to give your team the opportunities to grow. Let your employees contribute their thoughts and ideas to the company. After all, isn’t this why you hired them? To build success for your company? Give them feedback and watch the success in your employees and company expand. 43% of highly engaged employees receive feedback at least once a week.

Don’t let your employees slip and fall. Work ethic slides when employees become disengaged – so don’t give them the opportunity to fall out of alignment with the company. Encourage your employees to engage and collaborate with one another to build a company culture of engagement. Employee and organizational success relies on the engagement levels of your team.

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