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How to optimize your email signature

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A huge percentage of small businesses today use email marketing extensively. Hours of discussions are held to plan what should be the email content, how often should the emails go, when is the best time to roll out, what should be the design, etc. What many of us miss in our discussions is the most ignored aspects of an email, the signature.

Email signature plays an important role in the success of any email campaign. We all like to know who has sent us an email. The information we find in the signature block of an email definitely has an impact on our minds. Here is how you can make the most out of your email signatures by optimizing them:

  • Keep it short, not more than 4 lines. Provide only essential information and remove the rest.
  • Use simple text. Forget special fonts, color and symbols. Make it easy for people to read your signature.
  • Use pipes ( | ) or colons ( :: ) to separate your text.
  • Add a logo, only if necessary.
  • Instead of hyperlinking, use complete URLs.
  • Give only one telephone number and one email address to contact.
  • Give information what your email recipients expect to see. Mandatory information to include would be name, title, company, website URL, email address and telephone number.
  • Include social media (facebook, twitter and linkedin) only if you are using them for your business.
  • Do not include your mailing address. Not all email recipients would find it relevant.
  • Ensure your email signature matches basic standards like this:

Raj Sheth
Co-Founder | Recruiterbox | | 415-758-2012

  • If you are using HTML signatures, test them to see how they appear on various email service providers

Apart from the above said rules, you can always develop an attractive email signature by adding animation, quote, IM or Skype details, link to your publication, video, etc. Let us know how well you have optimized your email signature by sending an email to

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