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How to Ruin and Shatter Employee Morale

In Company Culture — by Recruiterbox

A lot of employees complain about being de-motivated. Many business owners are not aware of practices that make employees feel miserable at work. Most often, the management or managers like to live in denial. This post tries to reach out to those who do not make any effort to change and wish to continue ruining the employee morale at their company.

Do not Appreciate a Job Done Well

Employees are meant to complete certain tasks. So, you don’t feel the need to appreciate or promote when they accomplish something. You don’t even offer a simple handwritten note that says, “Good job!” Do not reward or recognize in public when a milestone is achieved. Instead, you don’t hesitate to publicize in case of a setback.

This will no doubt kill creativity and stop those employees from trying permanently.

Dump Last Minute Work

Never plan for impending, previously scheduled projects. This strategy guarantees to vaporize employee spirit.

For example: In my previous company, we were asked to create a dozen email campaigns on the last working day before the Christmas holidays began. All the copy writers had already wrapped up their assignments and were looking forward to the long weekend. The new ‘urgent’ assignment meant staying back late and coming to work on a Christmas Eve!

Divide and Rule!

The best way to break the unity and create mayhem is to organize ‘healthy’ competitions among employees. Even if certain employees win, this practice will eventually boost internal conflicts. The losing team or employees will definitely hold resentment towards you/your company.

For example: One of my previous managers was consistent in announcing ‘exciting’ contests to choose the ‘best writer.’ The writers who won the contest often ended as the most isolated people in the team for no fault of theirs.

Ignore Employees’ Goals and Interests

Go through the goals of your employees only to forget them as soon as possible. Give them projects as per your whims and fancies, no matter how much disappointment this may cause. Whenever you see positive efforts made from the employee’s side, use your power to hold back the progress.

This will damage the enthusiasm beyond repair.

For example: A versatile writer had joined our copy writing team. She wanted to share her eBook writing expertise with the team and help us acquire a new skill. As soon as our manager realized this, she was told to stick to writing blog posts!

Here is another article on ‘ Signs of a Bad Manager’ that explains what demotivates employees.

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