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A Tale of Two Hiring Processes: How to Streamline Your Hiring

In Hiring Software & Tools — by Dave Anderson


On the surface, recruiting and hiring for an open job doesn’t seem so difficult. You write a description, post it to job boards, and wait for the applicants to roll in. Then you schedule interviews with the top candidates and hire the most impressive one.

But anyone with a background in recruiting or HR will tell you it’s not that simple. Separating the quality applicants from all the others is long and arduous. And when you’re finally ready to start interviewing, you have to corral various people from inside and outside your organization.

An applicant tracking system is the key to streamlining your hiring process. Let’s say you need to hire an Android Developer to build your company’s new mobile app. Here’s how the process might look without the help of a recruiting and hiring solution.

Hiring from scratch

You meet with your development team and they help you write the job description. You then post it on a few job boards and receive nearly a hundred applicants. You’re off to a good start.

But then things begin to get complicated. You start reviewing the resumes but struggle to gauge the quality of the candidates. Most of them are very experienced but it’s difficult to tell who actually knows Android development. And you have a hard time giving each resume the attention it deserves since you have so many to review.

You finally pull out ten impressive resumes and start scheduling interviews. Most your candidates are eager to come in but the development team is busy and slow to respond to your calendar requests.

Finally, the interviews are underway. After each one, you email the interviewer and ask for their thoughts. They’re again slow to respond and don’t provide much feedback beyond, “He didn’t interview well” or “She seems like she would be a good fit.”

You speak with the lead developer and hiring manager and find out they weren’t blown away by anyone but have a favorite candidate in mind. You extend an offer and hire your Android Developer.

After devoting so much time and energy, do you feel like you found the best person for the job?

Hiring using an applicant tracking system

Now let’s look at how this hiring process could be simplified with an applicant tracking system, like Recruiterbox.

You and the development team come up with a job description and you upload it to your applicant tracking system. It automatically posts to your preferred job boards and you again receive nearly a hundred applicants.

Your applicant tracking system creates consistently formatted profiles for each candidate so you have an easier time reviewing all your applicants. You also included a few test questions on the application page that give you an idea of each person’s Android development skills.

You again pull out the top candidates and start scheduling interviews. This time you assign interview times and specific review questions in your applicant tracking system to each member of the development team. They automatically receive email notifications so it’s not on you to keep sending reminders.

The feedback you receive is much more comprehensive this time around, giving you a solid idea of who’s the top candidate. You meet with the lead developer and hiring manager and they confirm your hunch.

At last, you extend an offer and hire your Android Developer. Using an applicant tracking system, your hiring process will be less taxing and you’ll feel confident that you’ve hired the best people.

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