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HR and the Holidays: Showing Your Team Gratitude

In Human Resources — by Recruiterbox

We all know what Thanksgiving is about…food. Just kidding, it’s about being grateful andshowingthat gratitude. Hopefully that spirit lasts longer than the leftovers and you’re returning to the office with thanks. This time of year we are all made aware that we need to show those around us that we value them. As a family member or best friend, that is pretty easy to do. It gets a little more complicated with professional relationships.

There are about 357 posts out at the moment aimed at helping you with that particular dilemma. That sounds a bit overwhelming, because it is. With all of these experts telling you how to show your team gratitude there are bound to be some mixed messages and way too many differing opinions. We would like to save you the time it would take to read all 357 of those posts and bring you the highlights from around the web on showing your team gratitude.

“Truly, from bosses I liked, anything was great because I appreciated that they thought of me. From ” bad” bosses , anything would annoy me. You can’t make up for being a jerk with a token of any kind once a year.”

“Make it personal, pay special attention to the person or people responsible for sending you business. Dig for clues on Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn to find their personal interests. Do they like science fiction books, reggae music, local wine, foreign movies, a local restaurant? Social media makes it easier than ever to dazzle with an inexpensive yet extremely thoughtful gift .”

“Employees who come to work and find a handwritten thank you note on their desk from the boss will likely be smiling all week.”

“Employers like to brag about the $25 gift cards they give to their employees, or staff celebrations and team-building exercises. But for a thank-you to be perceived as meaningful , it should be specifically connected to the recipient, her preferences, and her accomplishments.”

“The thing we all need the most, especially around the holiday season, is time. To reward your hardworking employees, consider giving them some time off work , even just an afternoon, to go and take care of all their personal errands – it can be quite stressful if you have to be bogged down at work and at the same time think of the family dinner party you have to prepare and all the gifts you have to buy and wrap. This will help relieve a bit of the stress, and your company will definitely reap the benefits.”

“Food itself goes quite a long way, especially when you’re praising a group. Order pizza, bring in some doughnuts, or treat everyone on your team to a team lunch. Remember – especially at this time of year – why we share food. It’s a symbol of solidarity and security the same way it is when you eat with friends, with family, or on a date – it’s bred in the bone.”

According to a Wall Street Journal Article, a mere 10% of adults convey thanks to a colleague each day, and only 7% express gratitude to management. When you consider the motivational benefits of showing gratitude those numbers are pathetic. It is so easy to show your team that they are valued, not just during the holidays, but all year long.

photo credit: Zach Klein via photopin cc

Happy Holidays from Recruiterbox!

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