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HR Roundup: Week of July 3, 2015

In Human Resources — by Erin Engstrom

recruiterbox hr roundupRecruiters: Don’t Risk Your Credibility Because You Hate Giving Bad News
Unless you’re a sadist, it sucks to deliver bad news, right? But let’s face it, the vast majority of candidates in your pipeline aren’t going to get an offer. If a candidate in the interview stage reaches out to you for updates, give them any information you’re allowed to pass on. Even if it’s “I don’t have any updates right now.” And if the hiring manager has rejected a candidate and gives you feedback as to why, passing that feedback on to the candidate can help them as they move forward in their job search.
source: Charlene Long/ERE Media

Why You Should Tailor Communication Depending on the City and the Region
Tech workers are accustomed to recruiters contacting them on LinkedIn, to the extent that many have started to post guidelines for recruiters on their profiles. Candidates across roles and regions vary widely–what garners a response from a UI engineer in San Francisco may not work for a mobile developer in L.A. Read candidate profiles carefully and customize your pitch accordingly.
source: Angela Bortolussi ( @ABortolusssi )/Undercover Recruite r

Onboarding: First Impressions Count
Onboarding doesn’t start on an employee’s first day of work. It starts from your first moment of contact with a candidate. If a candidate comes in for an interview and has to wait a long time or perceives an antisocial working environment, they’re going to get a negative impression of your organization. To impress a candidate when meeting them for the first time, share promotional materials, information about exciting employee events and little-known facts about your organization that they can’t get on the website.
source: Valerie Dixon ( @learnware )/TalentCulture

CEO Kevin Gibbon on Why Shyp is Converting its 1099 Workers into W2 Employees
San Francisco-based shipping company Shyp announced this week that it would transitions its couriers, the people who complete customer pickups, from independent contractors to W2 employees. In so doing, CEO Kevin Gibbon estimates employment costs will increase about 30 percent. However, they’re also hoping that the transition will make the employer brand more appealing to prospective candidates–which will in turn create a better customer experience.
source: Connie Loizos ( @Cookie )/TechCrunch

Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen: How to Unify Your Employment Branding Efforts
Employer branding seems to be on the minds of HR and recruiting professionals everywhere these days. There’s even a Twitter conversation (#EBchat) devoted to it. But especially in large organizations, it can be hard to create consistent messaging. To ensure your brand is as strong as it can be, you need to audit, organize and edit your communications and collateral material.
source: Jessica Miller-Merrell ( @jmillermerrell )/TalentCircles Blog)

About the author
Erin Engstrom is the web content strategist at Recruiterbox. I’m in Chicago for now, but hope to take advantage of Recruiterbox’s remote workplace and do the digital nomad thing. Relax and eat the elephant one bite at a time.

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