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HR Roundup: Week of August 7

In More Posts... — by Erin Engstrom

What are the Global Recruitment Trends in 2015?
An infographic by British recruitment firm Lucas Blake details the world in recruiting so far this year. In India, job boards account for 79 percent of quality hires, but in the Netherlands, it’s only 50 percent. Social media has made talent more accessible than ever, but that means the competition for candidates has increased, too. With the focus on employer brand, recruiting is increasingly becoming more like marketing.
Source: Sophie Deering ( @SophieDeering )/Undercover Recruiter

The 19 Types of HR & Talent Software You Need
The HR technology industry is huge and the offerings are wide. How do you figure out what your company really needs? This list organizes 19 types of HR software in order of priority. The top five on the list are human resources information systems (HRIS), payroll, applicant tracking systems (ATS)/recruitment automation, benefits management and onboarding. Every organization is different; if your company is in a high-growth stage, for example, recruitment software may be higher on the list. While there are a number of technology suites that offer most of the 19 technologies on the list, it’s unlikely that they’re doing more than three or four of these well.
Source: Tim Sackett ( @TimSackett )/The Tim Sackett Project

Sourcing Hacks–Are Your Hiring Managers Overthinking Resumes?
It’s something you’ve experienced numerous times in your recruiting career: You’ve sourced and vetted a great shortlist of candidates, but the hiring manager feels there are deficiencies in every resume. Resumes are essentially a marketing tool for candidates, and they haven’t changed significantly for decades. Bigger clues to whether a candidate is a good fit for the role might be found in her web footprint or through a conversation to glean what she’s looking for professionally.
Source: K.C. Donovan ( @UpwardlyMe )/ERE Media SourceCon blog

Your CEO Wants to Hire Donald Trump. What Now?
Your boss doesn’t really want to hire The Donald, of course (and besides, he’s gunning for a different position). But your CEO does want to hire that candidate who’s loud and obnoxious and unafraid to make people angry. You don’t want to work with him, but maybe he can shake your company up in just the way it needs. And if, after some contemplation, you still fundamentally disagree with such a hire, don’t be afraid to express your doubts.
Source: Melissa Fairman ( @HrRemix )/HR reMix

It’s Too Late for Us: Why the Fight for Parental Leave in the U.S. Should Continue
Netflix made headlines this week with its announcement of its new parental leave policy: New mothers and fathers can now take up to a year paid leave. The U.S. differs from most nations with its parental leave policies–it’s one of only three countries in the world without mandated paid maternity leave. With a global economy and an increasingly mobile workforce, this policy is likely to hurt the U.S. National legislation is still a ways away. Even on a corporate level, a change of policy is challenging and expensive to enact. But it’s worthwhile to consider.
Source: Lance Haun ( @thelance )/

I’ll Make You an Offer You Cannot Refuse–the Game of Startup Hiring
Poaching has become standard practice among growing tech startups. One company even handed out poached egg sandwiches to Google and Facebook employees as they waited for their company shuttle buses! When there seems to be a global shortage of tech talent, how else can a startup go about hiring? There’s no magic bullet, but developing a great employee referral program and focusing on retention and employee development are two ways to avoid competing against billion-dollar companies.
Source: Sindhu Kashyap ( @Sindkash )/YourStory

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