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HR Roundup: Week of July 10, 2015

In Human Resources — by Erin Engstrom

Recruiterbox HR roundup LA and Philadelphia are the Two Best American Cities to Find Young Talent
Cities vary widely in terms of architecture, geography, climate, atmosphere–and talent. Cities like San Francisco and New York have high-demand for candidates recently out of college, but also a high supply. Not so with Philly and L.A., which have high supply but low demand. If you’re recruiting recent college grads and you’re in a high-demand, low-supply city like Phoenix or Seattle, turning your sights to the City of Angels or the City of Brotherly Love might be the key to sourcing those new hires.
source: Ying Zhou/LinkedIn

Five Tips on How to Record a Successful Video Interview
The world is growing smaller by the day. It’s growing easier to source farflung-candidates who are willing and able to move for work, and remote working is on the rise as well. So chances are you’ll be using video to conduct and record interviews at some point, if you aren’t already. Tips like ensuring functional technology, distraction-free surroundings and a professional appearance apply to candidates and recruiters alike.
source: Newman Stewart ( @NewmanStewart )/Undercover Recruiter

Collaborative Hiring–The Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Switch to it
Hiring decisions shouldn’t just be left in the hands of a manager. The most successful companies in the world have steered away from a top-down approach in favor of collaborative hiring. By involving more stakeholders, you improve hiring results, employee productivity and employee retention. Your employees are your best salespeople and can help eliminate hiring biases–so use them!
source: Dr. John Sullivan ( @DrJohnSullivan )/ERE-Recruiting Intelligence

The Jealous Girlfriend Interview Technique
Forget the “best” interview questions. No need for nonsense like, “If you were a color, what color would you be?” Ultimately, all hiring managers really need to know is if a candidate can do the job, if a candidate will enjoy the job, and if the hiring manager will enjoy working with the candidate. To figure these things out, don’t just accept a candidate’s first response and move on to your next question. To get the best information, you need to follow up, follow up, follow up.
source: Tim Sackett ( @TimSackett )/

Who’s on Your Bench? Why You Should Focus on Your B Players
Everyone’s searching for a rock star, right? But what about the backup band? Inevitably, the majority of your organization will be comprised of B-players. It’s easy to ignore them, but they need just as much consideration as your superstars and problem employees. B-players don’t have the self-assurance of A-players, but you can nurture it with the right coaching. That way, when the A-player moves on, the B-player is ready to pick up lead guitar without missing a beat.
source: Suzanne Lucas ( @RealEvilHRLady )/

Offer Declined: What to Make of Candidates Turning You Down
You’ve reviewed hundreds of resumes, conducted dozens of screenings, and met with each person on your shortlist a few times. You think you’ve finally found the one. But even after you’ve identified the perfect candidate, it’s not a given that they’ll accept your offer. If you repeatedly encounter candidate rejections, consider what adjustments you can make–be it focusing more on where the company’s going than where it’s been, or concentrating more on the needs of the candidate than the needs of the business.
source: Steve Boese ( @SteveBoese )/Fistful of Talent

About the author
Erin Engstrom is the web content strategist at Recruiterbox. I’m in Chicago for now, but hope to take advantage of Recruiterbox’s remote workplace and do the digital nomad thing. Relax and eat the elephant one bite at a time.

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