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HR Roundup: Week of July 31

In More Posts... — by Erin Engstrom

Can You Hire Top Talent to Work at a ‘No-Name’ Company?
Just because an employer has a low profile doesn’t mean it isn’t a great place to work. But when you’re competing against companies with national name recognition for talent, it can be hard to win. So how do you up your employer brand game? Higher salaries probably aren’t enough, but the good news is there are more cost-effective solutions. Make sure you’re telling a compelling story on your careers site, you’re putting your best foot forward on social media–especially Facebook–and that you’re giving candidates a great interview experience (even if you don’t hire them).
Source: Anne Fisher ( @anbfisher )/Fortune

The 4 Biggest Complaints Candidates Have About Recruiters
Employer brand is a big topic of conversation in the HR world, but what about recruiter brand? When you reach out to a candidate about an opening, the candidate makes the effort to apply and then there’s radio silence, candidates feel manipulated. If a candidate has a specific area of expertise but you’re sending them positions that don’t match, your candidate will feel irritated and underserved. As a recruiter, make sure you’re giving candidates the same kind of experience you’d want if you were in their shoes.
Source: Debra Wheatman ( @DebraWheatman )/ERE Media TLNT blog

Small-Business Owners Reveal Their Biggest Mistakes
Everyone makes their share of missteps at work, including entrepreneurs. Hiring a superstar from a global company may be tempting, but it also may be the wrong call. The candidate is probably accustomed to having a high degree of resources and support at their disposal, when what you need is someone who’s scrappy and can roll with the ever-changing nature of small, growing businesses. Entrepreneurs may also be less likely than corporate managers to fire underperforming or toxic employees because they’re pressed for time, lack proper evaluation processes and don’t have adequate recruitment and retention systems in place.
Source: Sharon Hadary ( @hadaryco ), Wayne Rivers ( @FamBizDoctor )/Wall Street Journal

Should You be Recruiting Telecommuters?
Hiring remote employees might be the right call for your company–but it might not be. In the pro column: Telecommuters are often more productive, easier to retain and less likely to get sick. Office overhead is reduced and you can expand your sourcing options. In the con column: Facilitating connection and collaboration between colleagues can be more challenging. Some managers want to keep a closer eye on staff, and data security may be more difficult to ensure. Even within a single company, some roles may lend themselves to telecommuting but some may not.
Source: Nicola Gordon-Thaxter/Recruiting Blogs

10 Ways to Move Towards Modern HR
The HR landscape is changing radically, and companies need to adapt. What are you doing to stay ahead of the curve? Are you using data scientists to help with strategy? Are you offering customized benefits packages or flexible work arrangements to your employees? Are your management systems cloud-based or are you still resorting to storing information on desktop? There are many ways HR leaders can modernize their practices to serve both their employees and the company bottom line.
Source: Moon Won/Human Resources Magazine

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