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HR Roundup: Week of September 4

In More Posts... — by Erin Engstrom

How to Make Recruiting Content that Really Works

The Rule of Thirds is the design theory that one third of people will love your work, one third will be neutral and one third will hate it. It’s totally okay to have haters. What’s worse is creating something so devoid of personality that nobody cares. If you try to please everyone, you’ll end up pleasing no one. The same principle can be applied to recruiting content: You want your brand voice to really shine through in what you create. You may turn some people off and attract fewer applicants as a result, but that’s not a bad thing. You’ll narrow your audience down to those who truly appreciate what you’re building, and be able to focus your energies on the best-fit candidates.
Eric Putkonen ( @eputkonen )/

Boomerangs are Coming Back!

Employees are changing jobs at an unprecedented rate–and inevitably, a few of them end up back where they came from. There was a time when employers were reluctant to hire back former employees, but not anymore. If an employee left your organization in good standing, there are good reasons to consider bringing them back if they express interest. There’s less training involved, they’re already familiar with the business and the people (fellow employees and clientele), and there’s little question regarding their culture fit. With this in mind, HR would help itself by putting in place strategies to maintain relationships with former employees. No reason to shut the door on a proven entity.
China Gorman ( @ChinaGorman )/

15 Hiring Tips for Startups
Hiring isn’t easy for most companies, but it’s a particular challenge with startups. Frequently there are first-time managers involved, or rapid scaling that requires a sudden influx of human capital. Among the helpful tips on this list are: Don’t hire just because (think need rather than should ); follow a simple process (five rounds of interviews is a waste of everyone’s time); and sell the company (including sharing equity and promoting personal growth opportunities).
Clinton Buelter ( @buelter )/

A GenXer’s Thoughts on Generations in the Workplace
Millennials. When you talk about hot topics in HR, that’s gotta make the top five, right? But contrary to what the hive mind would have you believe, they’re not the only generation in town. Now in their mid-30s to mid-50s, gen X is in the prime of their working years: They’ve got ample experience under their belt, but retirement is still decades away. Gen X is less likely to think of themselves as unique compared to their millennial and baby boomer counterparts, and this mindset carries with it a lot of insight. Ultimately, topics that are usually framed in relationship to one generation–retirement savings for baby boomers, technological changes for millennials–apply to everyone in the workforce, not just a segment that was born in the same 15-year period.
Stephanie Hammerwold ( @HRHammer )/Blogging4Jobs

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