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It’s #SharkWeek! 3 Ways to Sink Your Teeth into a Candidate

In Hiring Strategy — by Erin Engstrom

You stalk profiles. You wait for the right moment. You strike. You’re a shark–not in the vicious way, but rather in the tactical, tenacious way you hunt for talent. The scent of an interested candidate reels you in, and you know how to match the right talent with the right role. Some candidates get away, but the sea is full of talent just waiting to be placed ( whether they know it or not ). You just have to hunt in the right pools and use the best bait to lure in your catch.

1. You Win Some, You Lose Some

Tweet This Fact : Sharks have three layers of teeth. When a tooth falls out, they can grow new ones.

It’s not fun, and sometimes it can hurt your pride as a recruiter, but you will lose some candidates. They might get better offers or they might decide your company isn’t the right fit, and that’s okay. The good news is, like a shark’s teeth, you’ll always have others. What makes your recruitment team better than the others is you’ve embraced your talent pipeline . Your shiver of sharks has become so adept at utilizing and refilling the pipeline, you’re pretty much the Great Whites of the candidate ocean.

2. Recruit in the Right Pool with the Right Team

Tweet This Fact : Sharks circle their prey when they hunt, starting with a wide radius and slowly getting closer until they reach their target.

Sharks have teeth, and you have your applicant tracking system. With the right technology and people, you’re unstoppable. Like a school of scalloped hammerheads, you find the best candidates by working together with the tools you’ve gathered. Unfortunately, there’s a disconnect between recruiters and hiring managers: While 80 percent of recruiters feel they have a good grasp on what they’re hunting for, only 61 percent of hiring managers agree. When hiring managers and recruiters on the same page , recruiting is more effective: The right candidate is caught sooner and your positions are filled faster.

3. Know the Company’s Best Features

Tweet This Fact : Frilled sharks use their backward-facing teeth to lure and snag prey . The only way out of its mouth is to go deeper into it.

Lure your candidates in. Give them a reason to continue into the recruitment process. Develop a deep understanding of the corporate culture, benefits and perks, as well as the position–so you’re able to convey the same to the candidate pool. A strong employer brand decreases the amount of work it takes for recruiters to catch a candidate. In fact, companies with a strong employer brand can reduce their cost-per-hire by 50 percent. What does that tell you? The more alluring your recruitment “teeth” are (like the frilled shark), the easier it is to retain candidates.

You’ve spent your recruitment career pursuing candidates. With the help of the right team and the right tools, like your ATS software, you’ve been able to hunt down and encircle the talent you desire. The right lure and hunting methods make a big difference. Keep in mind that some talent will swim away to other waters, but by integrating company culture into your recruitment best practices, you can catch even the most illusive candidates.

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