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Online Job Interviews (Infographic)

In Interviews — by Trakstar

Video interviewing is on the rise, enhancing the face-to-face interview experience….online. It is convenient for candidates, but it has really made an impact for hiring managers and recruiters. They can account for cultural fit within the company without even being in the same zip code. Nonverbal communication is still transmitted through video interviewing; so hiring managers and recruiters don’t lose 93% of the candidate’s communication.

Video interviewing is now the norm as 6 in 10 HR managers use it to interview candidates . They have discovered that it just makes sense. Not only would 66% of candidates rather use video during an interview, 18% prefer it’s overall convenience. It is just that, convenient. Of the talent that prefers video, 36% prefer it because they can chose a time that suits them. They don’t have to function on someone else’s schedule. When candidates choose their time to shine, they can actually shine and be at their best in an environment they are comfortable in.

So what do the hiring managers and recruiters have to say about the trending technology ? It is an overwhelming positive experience on both ends. Recruiting is not an easy job, but 60% of them say video interviewing makes their job easier; and hiring managers…nearly three-quarters. How does it make their jobs easier? It’s rather simple:

  • Video interviewing saves them money
  • Video interviewing reduces their time-to-fill positions
  • Video interviews are easy to conduct

Some hiring managers worry about losing the candidate by using a video interview. However, it brings the candidate closer to the company through the experience. The human face exhibits 55% of communication. A recruiter or hiring manager would be able to identify a candidate’s interest in a company through their positive or negative body language more than their actual words (which only accounts for 7% of communication). Here are 6 video interviewing tips for hiring managers and candidates alike:

  • Frame your face: The video screen should display your bust – your head, shoulders, and upper chest.
  • Test the background: Make sure the lighting is right, and the background isn’t cluttered. The background should be professional as it would during a traditional interview.
  • Sit still: It makes you look anxious and can muffle the audio.
  • Make eye contact: It’s hard not to look at the screen as we are trained to look at the human face when we talk. When you’re speaking look into the camera.
  • Dress the part: Dress how you would for a traditional face-to-face interview. Dressing for the part makes you not only look more professional, but feel it as well.
  • Trust the technology: most video interviewing companies have tech support, but during the interview is no time use it. Test the technology beforehand so there are no surprises.

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