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Professions that would be popular in 10 years

In Hiring Strategy — by Recruiterbox

Going to college for a skill that will be in demand when you graduate is useful, although studying for a career that will be viable ten years after you graduate would be much better. Of course not all current hot careers will be in demand a few years down the line. So, what are the professions of the next ten years?

Computer programmers

According to careers experts, in the next ten or so years, one of the careers that will remain standing will be that of computer programmers. This is because, whereas almost everything is getting automated by build systems presently, more will need maintenance in the next ten years and that’s where many programmers will be absorbed. Moreover, the advancing of the technological sphere will need more programmers in security management, counter terrorism, robots management, etc. This boom for programmers is expected to roll beyond 10 years, according to analysts.

Physician assistants

Ideally, physician assistants are professionals who work under the supervision of doctors and their job is projected for growth ten years from now. Presently, although their demand is median, this is more likely to increase as the demand in health care increases. Whereas these professionals do similar functions as medics such as doing medical rounds, prescribing drugs in some places, they are seen as more hands on and cheaper, compared to full doctors and this will work to inflate their demand in the next ten years.


As the name suggests, geoscientists do anything that’s related to the nature of the earth crust. They are involved in the investigation, observation and research of earth particles for different reasons, among them prospecting for valuable minerals like gold, petroleum and so forth. Their demand seems steady for the next ten years as more and more governments strive to leverage their costs of doing business, making it a career of the future. The other reason that makes this career less popular is the need to be away in remote locations working; this is undesirable for many people and this makes flooding less likely. Their demand will instead, grow exponentially.

Home health aides

These are other professionals who are also going to see an increased demand in the next decade. With less and less of the baby boomers likely to accept aging in an institution, the demand to take care of them in their homes will increase. This will be a plus for home health aides because they will be in demand to provide specialized health care at home for this group of individuals.

Ofcourse, there will be a lot more additions to this list going forward, but these are consistent choices that one can bank on for the years to come. Here are some resume examples to tailor your resume to the right fit for you.

About the author

Rolland Sullivan is a Boston-based writer and career advisor. He works at the Boston University School of Management and is always interested in new relationships and conversations.

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