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Putting Your Career Page on Blast with an ATS

In Hiring Software & Tools — by Recruiterbox

Findings from the 2012 CareerXroads Source of Hire Report revealed that career sites accounted for almost 25% of new hires, placing them as the second highest source of hire, behind referrals. This is a serious recruiting tool that we’re talking about here, and it can actually get better with the help of an effective ATS.

When companies make the decision to support their recruiting efforts with an ATS , it can be a game changer. Talent attraction is more competitive than ever; it makes perfect sense to give one of your most powerful attraction tools a boost.

Automated Social Sharing and Search Engine Listing

What a beautiful word –“automated”. Most ATSs are going to give recruiters the advantage of automatically posting new job listings directly from the platform and/or to job search engines. Instead of creating the job listing and then having to go through the redundant process of listing it on your various social networks or job boards, you can update and share immediately and efficiently.

The average recruiter is pressed for time, they might not be social media-savvy, or they could simply lack the large amount of organization that running several platforms can take. A good ATS can take care of it after the initial linking of the social networks and search engines with the ATS is completed. If even that sounds daunting to you, call support! Any ATS worthwhile will offer support that makes social sharing an effortless task .

No Dusty Job Listings Here

Candidates are turned off by a career page that looks like some dark corner of the internet that no one has visited in years. Another awesome part of pairing your career page up with an ATS is that you can completely manage your career page from the platform. You can post or update job listings with ease.

Furthermore, keeping expired or filled positions up on the career page can be very frustrating for job seekers. If your career page isn’t kept up-to-date, job seekers will find one that is.

Job Alerts Rule

As more and more job seekers turn to their mobile devices to aid them in the hunt, tools like a mobile optimized site and job alerts have become vital. Recruiters can now offer visitors to their career page, job alerts that will notify potential candidates of recent openings through their ATS.

As Millennials enter the workforce in droves, they are bringing with them an emphasis on mobile optimization in their job search. A recent study revealed that 79% of the Millennials polled said they respond to job alerts on their mobile devices.

The Best Host is Your ATS

We’ve taken career site management one big step further. Recruiterbox can actually host your career site. Our online recruiting software gives you an attractive careers page with all your openings information displayed on a unique link, which you can share, and on which candidates can apply. Designed with both the recruiter, and job seeker in mind, these hosted career pages are streamlined and user-friendly for all users.

Your career page has been the unsung hero of your recruiting efforts for far too long. Put your career page on blast with an ATS that works for your recruiting team. Want to know more about optimizing your talent attraction efforts with the help of an ATS? Sign up for a live demo today!

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