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Recruiterbox Features: Introducing Hiring Requests

In Hiring Software & Tools — by Dave Anderson

You’re ready to expand your team and post a job opening for that critical role. But first you need sign-off from your department head, HR, and organizational leadership. Getting the thumbs-up before starting the hiring process is required in nearly every company but is too often a clunky process.

With our new Hiring Request feature, the approval process is now streamlined in Recruiterbox. Here’s how it works:

  • Your Super Admin builds a hiring requests template. It will include details like position name, number of hires, and fill by date. 
  • Customize the template to your liking. Plug in commonly used questions from our predefined list or create unique questions to include. 
  • Include reviewers in charge of approving hiring requests. You can add up to three levels of reviewers, with multiple people in each level. For instance, you might have the department head in the first level, HR and finance in the second, and get final approval from your CEO in the third level. 
  • Reviewers are notified via email and can approve, reject, or request changes to the job description. When everyone in a level approves, the hiring request is elevated to the next level. 
  • After the Hiring Request form is completed and approved, the Recruiterbox user responsible for the role can create the opening and start sourcing candidates.

Use Recruiterbox Hiring Requests to get the okay to proceed with hiring. No more unanswered emails or leaving out an important stakeholder. 

If you’re a current Recruiterbox customer and want to learn how to enable Hiring Requests, check out our support article with step-by-step instructions.

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