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How to Create a Killer Recruiting Content Strategy

In Hiring Strategy — by Erin Engstrom

employee videoContent. You’re probably sick of hearing about it, but it matters. One of the best ways to attract great candidates is to create awesome recruiting content.

Recruiting content can take many forms. Event landing pages, “meet our team” videos, photos on Instagram and yes, even the tried-and-true job posting are all forms of recruiting content. When it comes to showcasing your opportunities, you’ve got a lot of options. Whatever medium you decide works best, though, make sure your recruiting content is up-to-date and highly targeted.

Recruiting Content: The First 10 Pages 

“Is there a position you hire for more than any other? Maybe it’s a hard-to-fill position or a position with a high turnover rate. Provide an overview of what the day-to-day is like for a person in this role, from clocking in to clocking out. If you want to take it a step further, a general weekly agenda for the role can offer applicants the opportunity to see what meetings or projects they’ll be involved with, as well as who they’ll be working with or reporting to on a regular basis. The ‘Day in the Life’ perspective is an authentic yet comprehensive way to allow the applicant to envision him/herself in the role.”
Mary Wienkers (@MWienkers) and James Ellis (@thewarfortalent)/ERE Media Recruiting Intelligence blog

The Content Crime That is Compromising Your Candidate Experience

“[E]nsuring the quality and timeliness of the candidate-centric content that’s on your website should be a very-real priority. These days, taking the time to audit your careers site or landing pages, and updating or removing expired or non-functioning content, is essential to delivering a good candidate experience and a strong employment brand. So, keep an eye on your recruitment marketing content. In order for it to have the maximum impact — attracting, engaging, and converting the best candidates — it will need to be informative, relevant, and up-to-date.”
Maura McElhone/RecruitingBlogs

Why is a Landing Page Key to Great Recruiting and Hiring

“A good landing page can help you do your job better! [It] provides SEO for your hiring efforts that remains in place, versus job posting pages that are always, necessarily, in flux. [It] builds a gateway to your job posting pages that can include tools for uploading resumes, filling out applications and finding out about jobs other than the one that led them there. [It] is easy to adjust to suit your current needs with new content, graphics and links to important candidate resources within your site, or in other places.”
Jessica Miller-Merrell (@jmillermerrell)/The Recruiter’s Lounge

Recruiting Content is a Game Any Employer Can Win

“Instead of fighting an ever-escalating arms race of who can put the most ads in the field, who can cast the widest net, and who can get the most applications, you need to think very differently about drawing that one perfect candidate in. There are a couple of ways you can do that. First, get specific. If you don’t want a thousand resumes but just want one good candidate, don’t write the broadest possible job description and ad. Picture the right person who would rock that job and try to think of all the traits they possess.”
James Ellis (@thewarfortalent)/RecruitingDaily

The Secret to Succeeding with Talent Community Marketing

“We can not be all things to all people, because it then annoys everyone… as most of the content does not apply to them personally. We need to target our message. I believe we need to segment our social media talent communities so that the content posted on each channel is valuable and interesting to at least 80 percent of the audience. Which means you will only have a handful of communities for your largest demands for hiring. These segments should always be by professional categories, but could also include geography.”
Eric Putkonen (@eputkonen)/NeoRecruiter

About the author
Erin Engstrom (@erinaengstrom) is Recruiterbox’s outreach manager. I’m in Chicago for now, but hope to take advantage of Recruiterbox’s remote workplace and do the digital nomad thing. Relax and eat the elephant one bite at a time.

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