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Social Media: Optimizing It For Your Business

In Hiring Strategy — by Recruiterbox

While it has not totally replaced the traditional methods of marketing, social media has provided businesses a new avenue to see and be seen by customers. This shift has helped small businesses gain exposure due to their minimal cost and easy maintenance. Now even that small café at the corner of the street can even have its own fan page.

Here are some examples of how you can maximize a social media platform to promote your campaign or help your business gain exposure:

Create advertising that connects with people

Remember the Old Spice campaign “The Man Your Man Can Smell Like”? That’s a perfect example of how a brand can gain a lot of exposure just by using the correct platform for its kind of advertising. Their hilarious videos got an average of 40 million views on YouTube, and later on, people started making their own spoofs. From this campaign, we can see that people tend to promote something that makes a big impact on them, whether it’s because of its utter brilliance or outlandish outrageousness. Old Spice didn’t have to spend too much promoting its product, and what made it work for them is the fact that people were stimulated enough to pass the message on to their peers, and even make their own interpretations of the ad.