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Stages of Recruitment - Richer and Better than ever before!

In Hiring Strategy — by Recruiterbox

In the previous post (, I talked about how its useful to have stages of recruitment predefined for the positions you are hiring for. Now these recruitment stages have become richer and better than ever before.


Recruiterbox lets you have a user assigned to each of these stages! For example, John could be assigned to do initial screening of all candidates in an opening.


Have users assigned to each recruitment stage


Once you have marked John as responsible for the screening task, when he looks at the list of candidates in the opening, he will view his tasks as highlighted. He can easily select all candidates in the stages that are assigned to him with a click.



In the picture above, “screening” and “telephonic screening” are assigned to John. We think this feature is super useful when you have some of your colleagues working part time to help in hiring. They want to get back to their normal job as soon as possible and its important for them to know which candidates need their attention. Assigning stages to individuals is an incredibly intuitive way to achieve this.


Let us know what you think about this new feature on @recruiterbox twitter handle. So long and have a nice day!


– Raghu

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