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The Current State of Writing Job Descriptions

In Hiring Strategy — by Recruiterbox

There are so many templates and blog posts about how to write the perfect job description to attract the right candidates who will flow with the company culture and solve current company challenges. It would be great if we could simply follow a template to produce these informative, yet ethereal, descriptions that aptly capture the company culture and describe the realities and goals of the position. Honestly, following a template is hard. Sometimes, no matter how many blog posts we read or how many templates we follow to a tee we cannot create a job description that will do what we hope it will: attract the ideal candidates.

So, what do we do? Is it hopeless to write a good job description if you simply don’t have the know-how? Should we settle for mediocre job descriptions and weed through mediocre candidates? I am an optimist, I do not think any company or organization is destined to mediocrity if they cannot write a good job description. You just have to get a little creative and use your resources. You thought you did though, right? You Google searched “writing job descriptions,” or “how to write great job descriptions,” or some version of that. You combined templates and information from blog posts. You copied ideas from companies who are quirky and seem to be getting great candidates (nod to Zappos). And still, you’re left with a less than pleasing, dull job description.

There are others who may be able to write a decent job description, or who use the old ones their company already has written. A little boring. There are also those who don’t have time to construct these magical job descriptions or any job description for that matter. Long story short, there are a lot of companies and organizations that need to step their job description writing game up and haven’t invested in that part of the hiring process, yet. Well, you’re in luck! Here at Recruiterbox, we saw a problem and we came up with a solution . If you’re still reading, I think you’ll like this next part.

We will write your job descriptions. It’s that easy? Yes. We will write a creative, informative, optimized job description for any type of position. We start with a set of questions that you answer about your organization’s needs, challenges, goals, and culture to learn more about the specific role. Then our writers produce a Recruiterbox Signature job description for the role. We believe this will result in a better ROI for your paid postings on LinkedIn and Monster and help you increase the interest in your role amongst qualified applicants. We are helping you reach the best candidates for the position, and we are helping articulate your brand’s culture to potential new employees. All things crucial to making sure your team gets more and more value with every new hire.

Hiring is sometimes difficult and writing job descriptions, for some of us, is even harder. Don’t make it hard on yourself unnecessarily. After-all, what’s the point if we’re not making your life easier? There is no point. We’re all about flavor and like any good chef, we want to bring out the best and the flavor of the ingredients (i.e. your company). We have not found a way to reverse global climate change, yet, but we’re hoping if we help you write that Environmental Researcher job description you can find someone who will.

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