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Think Mobile Hiring is Just a Fad? Think Again

In Hiring Strategy — by Noel Diem

Mobile hiring is one of the best ways to meet job seekers where they are, fill your hiring pipeline with great candidates, and ensure that you’re giving people from all walks of life the opportunity to apply for your jobs.
Why? Traditional hiring methods, or what we now consider traditional, meaning a career site and desktop-optimized job posts, don’t meet the moment.
With the rise of mobile technology, more and more job seekers are searching and applying for jobs via their smartphones. Optimizing the application process for mobile hiring is something you must pay attention to.
Mobile recruiting is no longer just a trend (and we can’t believe people ever thought it would be) – it’s becoming a necessity in today’s fast-paced world.

The Mobile Hiring Landscape

Even though the concept and hiring process has existed for years, the mobile hiring landscape is rapidly changing for employees and employers. Businesses that are quick to adapt will have a competitive advantage and the opportunity to bring in better team members that are culturally fit and experienced in the role.
With more than half of all job seekers now using their smartphones to search for jobs, it’s clear that mobile recruiting isn’t just a trend in recruitment and hiring, but it could be the new normal. Why? Personal computer sales are down, and most people don’t own a personal computer, but they’ll have a laptop or a smartphone.
Even still, many companies ignore this fact and stick to the old-fashioned recruiting process.

Mobile Hiring Systems

Some businesses may be hesitant to adopt mobile recruiting because they believe it will require significant investment in new technology or that it is a fad. Let’s be honest: mobile phones, mobile apps, and employment searches will forever be linked. It’s improbable that we’ll go back. Any of the veterans in recruiting will tell you that once a trend is around for a few years, it’s unlikely to go away. 

While it’s true that there are tools like mobile applicant tracking systems (ATS) available specifically for recruiters who want to go mobile, a traditional ATS will be able to help you with both traditional recruiting and mobile recruitment. For example, Trakstar Hire can help optimize for mobile apps and recruitment from a desktop. Our software helps to optimize for the following:

  • Job Postings
  • Job Boards
  • Candidates Using Mobile Apps
  • Social Media Recruitment
  • Promoting Career Opportunities
  • Communication within the Hiring Team
  • Interview Scheduling
  • Application Tracking
  • Offer Letters

This is just the tip of the iceberg! As a hiring manager, Trakstar Hire ensures you’re reaching all possible qualified candidates where they are, helping to make the best new hire possible.

Social Media Hiring

Another factor contributing to the growth of mobile recruiting is social media. With many job seekers classified as Gen Z or Millennials, social media is the best place to find qualified candidates. Recruiters and job seekers increasingly use platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook – some even use TikTok to reach job applicants! Savvy recruiters (and hiring managers) know how to use these platforms effectively to walk job applicants through their process, highlight career opportunities and the interview process, and send out job alerts for urgent hires.

The key takeaway from the current state of the mobile hiring landscape is this: If you’re not actively pursuing a strategy incorporating mobility and social media into your recruitment process, you risk missing out on top talent, particularly younger top talent. But it continues beyond there: you’re also missing out on some diversity in your hiring pools that may not be interested in looking at traditional job boards.

How to Make Mobile Recruiting a Success

Mobile recruiting can be a game-changer for your hiring process, particularly if you are looking to bring in new job applicants that are younger and more diverse. Still, it requires a strategic approach to make it successful. Like anything else Human Resources does, it requires careful planning and a look at security. For example, job applications require personal information, so you may not want to use text messages as part of your mobile recruiting strategy. Or you do – it all truly depends on the candidate experience you wish to create.

The first step is to optimize your career site and job postings for mobile devices (which you should have done already! It’s part of Google’s algorithm!). This means using responsive design, clear fonts, and streamlined application processes that are easy to fill out using a mobile browser.

Another key factor in mobile recruitment success is leveraging social media platforms. Use LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, or Instagram ads to target potential candidates where they spend most of their time: their smartphones. Don’t think you can just throw up an ad and get results: you need to think about this process. Talk to your marketing team before putting up any job alerts on social: they can help you optimize ads and social posts for a mobile phone.

You’ll have to optimize the way you communicate with qualified candidates about the job opening they applied to as well. This might mean talking via text message or a text messaging app. You’ll have to be sure to offer alternative methods of communication to each employee who needs it.

Making your mobile recruiting efforts successful takes planning and effort that you can’t complete in an hour or even a day; optimizing your website for mobile and tablet users; leveraging social media campaigns targeted towards busy professionals; communicating with potential hires through messaging apps, improving the mobile experience, and investing in ATS software that helps you streamline the applicant tracking process — all are crucial steps toward finding top talent anytime anywhere!

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Why You Should Think About Mobile Recruiting

Mobile recruiting has become a must-have strategy for companies attracting top talent. As the world becomes more reliant on mobile devices, recruiters must optimize their hiring process for mobile users.

Many people think about mobile recruiting because they want to reach a wider pool of candidates. Increasingly, people are using mobile phones and apps more than they’re using standard desktop computers. Those looking for employment will spend short periods on public transport while waiting in line or even at home to browse for that perfect opportunity. 

Secondly, a mobile job hunting experience provides candidates convenience and flexibility. They can easily apply from anywhere, anytime, with just a few taps on their phone or tablet. This means they will be able to fill out lengthy forms before they’re in front of their computer or spend time filling out lengthy ones. This helps with accessibility as well: not everyone can afford to have Wi-Fi in their homes or buy a new computer.

Finally, mobile recruiting can help you go after talent that may need to be looking for a job opening. So much of the candidate experience requires the applicant to do all of the work, but mobile recruiting could put the job posting on a mobile app they use for a completely different reason. 

In summary, embracing mobile recruiting makes perfect sense. It gives businesses a competitive edge in attracting top talent by embracing innovation while delivering an exceptional user experience throughout the hiring process.

5 tips for Successful Mobile Recruiting

Mobile recruiting has become necessary for companies that want to attract top talent. 

Here are five tips for successful mobile recruiting:

  1. Optimize your job postings for mobile devices and tablets: Your job posting should be easy to read and apply from any smart device or tablet. To start, at least test on Android and Apple phones.
  2. Use social media as possible: Social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can help you reach potential candidates on their mobile devices. How effective this is will depend on the job opening – you may not be able to recruit your new CRO using social media, but you might be able to find someone for your customer service role!
  3. Keep it short and sweet: Mobile users have short attention spans, so make sure your messaging is concise and to the point. This may require you to write different job descriptions for mobile and desktop sites. You’ll have to prioritize when this makes sense for you.
  4. Make the application process simple: Candidates should be able to complete it from their mobile devices without any complications or issues. Investing in an ATS can help you there.

By following these tips, you’ll increase your chances of attracting qualified candidates looking for positions they can apply for easily through their smartphones or tablets while also keeping up with today’s fast-paced world where everything happens on the go!

In today’s fast-paced world, mobile recruiting has become necessary for any business that wants to attract top talent. It is no longer just a fad; it has become the norm in recruitment.

If you want your company to stay competitive and successfully hire the best candidates, then you need to embrace mobile recruiting. By making use of a mobile applicant tracking system and following our tips for successful mobile recruiting, you can improve your candidate experience while also streamlining your hiring process.

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