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Training New Employees: Why The First 30 Days Are Key

In Hiring Software & Tools — by Noel Diem

So you’ve made your new hire and you’re extremely excited about the opportunities they bring with them – but what should you do now? Training new employees within the first 30 days of their employment is key to their success. 

Ongoing efforts and training matter, but you want to set the precedent within these first 30 days and then continue with it as the employee becomes more ingrained into company culture and the day-to-day work you do. Even before you make a hire, you need to think about what their ongoing process is going to look like. What do you want them trained on? What gaps can they fill? When you answer these questions, you will start to build your onboarding process and you are designing your job listing.

Why Are The First 30 Days Key?

During the first 30 days of employment, new hires are still getting to know their jobs, their places within the company, their coworkers, and the company itself. They are often nervous, but excited to come in and do a good job. 

Employees very rarely enter a new job hoping to just skate along and do “good enough.” Instead, they want to do better than the people who came before them and make a real difference in the company. However, the enthusiasm can fade pretty quickly if they aren’t given the opportunity to learn, grow, and show off a little bit.

Think about your own first month or so in your position: you were learning the lingo, trying to remember names, and figuring out just how to go about things. You’re worried about making a good impression, being likable, and still showing why you were hired in the first place.

Think of the first 30 days of employment as an absorption period – new hires are learning key information that will set them up for success within a company. They are learning about your company and what it does (which is often a ton of information), who the key players within the business are, what the culture is, how things have been done in the past, what the goals are, and more. 

It’s a ton of information and it can be hard to process all of it. So how can you help?

Enroll Into Onboarding Lessons In The First Week

The minute your new employee signs their contract, you should know at least some of what they are going to do their first week and their first 30 days. Whether they are starting the next day or in two weeks (or longer), you should have some training ready to go. This could just be the basic “Welcome to our company, here are our employee guidelines” training or something specific to the role or department. Obviously, this all depends on the hire and the position.

What order you do training may differ, the amount of training someone gets, and how long they have to accomplish the training is all dependent upon the position, your company, and the time of year.

Training New Employees: How To Prepare Ahead Of Time

When you are thinking about training new employees within the first 30 days of employment, you are going to need to prepare some things in advance. With Trakstar Learn, you can create smaller modules that you piece together to create an ongoing training program that lasts a week, four weeks, months, or even all year.

Some of the things you can prepare ahead of time include:

  • Company culture training – what are your rules? Who are you? Who makes up your company?
  • Success measurement
  • Management systems
  • Security training
  • Products and services from your company
  • Customer profiles

It’s a ton of information, but when you use a good learning management system, you don’t have to keep recreating it.

Instantly Add New Hires To Your Onboarding With Trakstar

We know that hiring new employees is a lot of work and you are doing it more than ever. You need to onboard them quickly while doing all the other important facets of your job – it gets to be a lot of repeat work, busy tasks, and things will start to slip through the cracks. With a system like the Trakstar Platform, you are able to instantly add your new hires to your onboarding or training plans when you integrate Trakstar Hire to Trakstar Learn. 

Trakstar makes it easy for you to automate your onboarding process, get your new hires where they need to be, and eliminate that feeling of being alone and overwhelmed during training – especially for remote onboarding. 

If you are new to the Trakstar Platform and want to learn more about Trakstar Learn and Trakstar Hire, you can schedule a demo.

If you are already using Trakstar Learn or Trakstar Hire and want to combine them for an easier, more beneficial hiring and onboarding process, you can talk to your account manager or schedule a time here for a demo.

Trakstar Hire is considered the most user friendly hiring software on the market. If you’re ready to take your recruiting and hiring to the next level, request a Trakstar Hire demo today.