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Transform the Way You Hire with PARE

In Hiring Strategy — by Erin Engstrom

Saul Colt is an award-winning marketer who has worked for brands like Ebay, Zipcar and the Just For Laughs comedy festival. He’s doing a webinar with us to discuss PARE, a hiring method used by thousands of organizations which was developed by Recruiterbox CEO and co-founder Raj Sheth.

win saul colt
You probably don’t know me but I assure you I am a big deal. SO much of a big deal that a year ago I refused to apply for posted jobs and asked companies to apply to me if they had a role and wanted me to fill it.

A lot of interesting things came out of my experiment:

  1. Many people reached out to say how inspiring my efforts were.
  2. It reminded people to look at their current hiring process and see if it was fair and human.
  3. It actually did start a conversation or two.
  4. I found a job (on a contract) that just finished up.

I know that sounds crazy because it breaks everything we know to be true about the hiring process but I did it to see if it was possible to change conventional wisdom around hiring.

There are so many ways to fix how we hire. It’s amazing to me that you put someone in a position of insecurity and defensiveness to assess there ability and then ask them to find their confidence to perform and provide results.

Because I have passion for this topic I read a book recently that was one of the best methods of hiring I have ever seen. The book prePARE by Raj Sheth (the CEO and co-Founder of Recruiterbox) laid out an easy to follow plan to understand why you are hiring, what your new hire will do and how you can evaluated if they are the right fit.

The foundation of his method is:

Problem • Activities • Requirements • Evaluation

  • The PROBLEM stage helps you answer the question “Why am I hiring for this role?” and determines the objectives of the role.
  • The ACTIVITIES stage defines what the hire will actually do to fulfill the above objectives.
  • The REQUIREMENTS stage shows you how to define the skills and characteristics candidates should possess in order to perform the above activities effectively.
  • Finally, the EVALUATION stage helps you assess the candidates against the above set of requirements.

This book really spoke to me and I want more people to know about it, so I am hosting a webinar with Raj on Aug. 2 and would love for you to attend.

This is not a podcast but will still be a casual conversation around how to hire the best person, every time, with some great actionable advice.

This book gave me hope for a better world. I know that sounds like a big statement but it really is that good. So good that I asked Raj if I could do a webinar with him and he said yes.

Please sign up to spend 30 minutes with us on Aug. 2 as we explore the PARE method. It will be a worthwhile walkthrough of how to hire the right person – and in the process potentially save you millions of dollars in future bad hires.

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