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What Your Candidates Really Think About Your Hiring Process

In Interviews — by Trakstar

Let’s first establish that, yes, it does matter what candidates think about your hiring process. There are far too many recruiters still out there with the attitude that if a candidate really wants to work for their company, they have to go through their process (no matter how crappy).

The entire process should be looked at from the candidate’s perspective. The hectic, day-to-day of recruiting can leave you with more than enough excuses to forget about the candidate experience, but the outcome will never be as good as a real match. When you’re evaluating your processes, keep the candidate in mind…

Is this how the company is run?

Sad to say, the majority of candidates walk away from an organization with a less than “OK” experience. Did you know that those candidates have the power to affect your bottom line? 38% of candidates who had a bad experience in the hiring process are less likely to buy from, or use that company’s services or products.

How they are treated throughout the process is a direct reflection of how the candidate will expect to be treated as a part of the organization. Furthermore, the hiring process will indicate how the rest of the organization’s processes are functioning. If your hiring process is disjointed, unorganized and discourteous, that’s what the candidate will expect from the company.

Get on with it already…

From the candidate’s perspective, there is no reason for the hiring process to take months. Having been behind the scenes, I get it; sometimes there is nothing to be done, sometimes you just can’t get your client or hiring manager to pull the trigger. It’s frustrating for recruiters, but I would bet you anything that the candidate is far more frustrated with a lengthy process.

HR pro Crystal Miller offers great advice on how to keep candidates engaged , and combat the frustration of a lengthy process:

“Social media offers you the opportunity to drop a little line through direct message, inmail, or FB message to a candidate letting them know something you appreciated in their interview, or a strength they have, or just that you (or they) aren’t lost in the abyss. You can make note of the interaction in the ATS to maintain compliance with your company’s policy and complete record keeping.”

Being quiet is for movies, not the hiring process!

One of the most common complaints from candidates is a lack of, or poor communication on behalf of the recruiter. 60% of candidates report not receiving regular updates on the status of their application .

These people are looking for employment, not scented candles. This communication should be timely, regular and courteous. With today’s technology and automated emails through your ATS, there is no reason that communication shouldn’t be on point at all stops.

I am sooo gonna Tweet about this when I get home.

It’s being tweeted, shared and talked about –the good, the bad and the ugly of your recruiting and hiring process. Like it or not, social media is a big part of the make-up of your employer brand. It can make or break an organization’s image. 83% of candidates said they would tell their friends and family about their experience with a company during the application process. What would they say about yours?

If you’re like the average company, with the average candidates, your candidates are your customers, they will share their experience, and a negative experience will impact your employer brand. With that in mind, a positive experience can have just as powerful of a positive impact.

Find out more about giving your candidates the best experience possible .

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