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Winner of the Recruiterbox Review Contest

In Hiring Software & Tools — by Recruiterbox

Orna Feighery of HRO (The Human Resources Organization) is the winner of the best review on Recruiterbox. She wins $1000 in cash and free subscription to the Small Company Recruiterbox plan! Thanks to Maren Hogan for reviewing the entries and picking one! And thanks to Toni Jones for also providing a very insightful review – we are providing her with a free subscription to Recruiterbox.

In her words:

Before using Recruiterbox my company hade over fifty applications coming into our common email address each day. It was such a mess! I would have to sort through the email inbox to find the applicants pertaining to the positions I was in charge of filling, and the same went for my co-workers. Now things are so much easier and I have much more space in my email inbox.

Applications get sent directly to Recruiterbox and, because we can set up filters, each application goes into its appropriate file automatically. The resume attachment is automatically uploaded as well—this cuts out so many steps for us. Each applicant has their own page, so to speak, I can keep notes on each applicant, track their progress through the screening/interview process, and alert my co-workers of my progress so we are all on the same page. I love the automated/template email option; it saves me tons of time because I often have to send out 10 background check consent forms to applicants each day.

I also really appreciate the “Share your openings” on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter option—it is a gold mine; it gives us three more quick and easy ways to advertise the job opening. Finally, I am a big fan of the ability to invite other users and control what job postings they are able to see on the website. Using this feature, I can share my progress with each Hiring Manager separately and confidentially.

I think that the program is designed extremely well. I would recommend a few small changes:

1. Make the “back” tab on each candidate’s page float down with me when I scroll down. That way if I want to go back to the main list of candidates, I don’t have to scroll all the way to the top to click “back”.

2. There should be a search option in the main candidate page (where they all are listed)—just in case there are a very large number of candidates for one opening.

3. I think it would be extremely helpful if the “Interview” option had the capability to also send an email to the candidate. I like to send confirmation emails to them when I schedule their interview with the hiring manager. It would be amazing if, after entering the scheduled interview information, I could click a button.

It is a great program…kudos!

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