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Why Are Your Candidates Ghosting You?

Many HR leaders are reporting the same growing problem: candidates ghosting them on interviews. What is ghosting? It is when a candidate that showed promise doesn’t show up to interviews, won’t respond to emails, and then won’t answer the phone. Sometimes, this is for the first interview but even more perplexing is that sometimes it…
01 April 2022

Onboarding Surveys: What You Need To Include

When you think about designing onboarding surveys, you might be inclined to use the same questions over and over again. However, as the world changes and evolves, you need to revamp them and include new questions and material. If you don’t have onboarding surveys at all, you need to get them ASAP – they can…
17 February 2022

Training New Employees: Why The First 30 Days Are Key

So you’ve made your new hire and you’re extremely excited about the opportunities they bring with them – but what should you do now? Training new employees within the first 30 days of their employment is key to their success.  Ongoing efforts and training matter, but you want to set the precedent within these first…
11 February 2022

Recruiterbox is now Trakstar Hire

We’re excited to announce that Recruiterbox is now rebranded to Trakstar Hire, connecting our deep applicant tracking tools and functionality to Trakstar’s integrated talent management platform. Now, more customers will have access to our industry leading applicant tracking tools and our current customers will gain seamless connectivity to the very best in online learning management…
11 June 2021

Trakstar Hire Features: Introducing Hiring Requests

You’re ready to expand your team and post a job opening for that critical role. But first you need sign-off from your department head, HR, and organizational leadership. Getting the thumbs-up before starting the hiring process is required in nearly every company but is too often a clunky process. With our new Hiring Request feature,…
01 September 2020

Tips for Conducting Remote Job Interviews

Remote work is suddenly one of the most talked-about trends among professionals. Every day, people are sharing their work-from-home tips and another well-known company announces plans to expand its remote work policy.  However, COVID-19 has only accelerated a trend that was already on the rise. FlexJobs reports that the number of remote positions had increased…
15 June 2020

The Complete Guide to Employee Onboarding

Whether or not you’ve ever gone through a formal onboarding process, you’re probably familiar with all the questions that come with a new job. Day one brings equal parts excitement and uncertainty. You walk into the workplace full of questions like: Where do I go? What should I work on first? How do I get…
17 March 2020

Diagnose and Fix Hiring Problems with Trakstar Hire Reports

The journey from posting a job opening to welcoming a new employee to your team is a long one, made up of various stages. And as with any multi-step process, there are stages your organization does well and others that need improvements. There may even be a single bottleneck that slows everything down. Some problems…
10 December 2019

Trakstar Hire Takes Home Three Awards from FinancesOnline

Big news! We’re excited to share that Trakstar Hire has been recognized for being a leader in the recruiting and applicant tracking system (ATS) industry. FinancesOnline has presented us with their Expert’s Choice 2019, Great User Experience 2019, and Supreme Software 2019 awards in the hiring software category. FinancesOnline is the fastest-growing independent review platform…
26 November 2019

Webinar: Trakstar Hire - The Best Google Hire Replacement

Google has announced they will shut down their Google Hire applicant tracking system (ATS) on September 1, 2020. That means many organizations must find a new solution to manage their recruiting and hiring activities within the coming months. Trakstar Hire is your ideal replacement for Google Hire. We offer all the same features, plus a…
11 September 2019