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How to Get a Job in Sales

So you’re thinking about a career in sales? If you’re an outgoing person with a drive to succeed, you’ll likely find it to be a lucrative and rewarding line of work. Sales is one of the few careers with a low barrier of entry and a high earning potential. If you’re motivated, smart and present…
16 October 2018

How to Use Social Media to Show Off Your Company Culture

We’ve all seen it. The bland and lifeless corporate social media accounts that some companies maintain, some apparently out of pure spite. Scroll down, and you’ll find nothing but stock images and blog links, with the occasional press release or quarterly report retweet thrown in for “variety.” And when you go to look for engagement?…
05 October 2018

How to Get a Job in Customer Support

Today’s customer support is not what it used to be. You probably remember the long automated menus and disinterested operators that were common when calling an 800 number. Or maybe you experienced emailing a business and receiving a response weeks later after you moved on with your life. Companies have smartened up and realized that…
24 September 2018

Employee Wellness Trends Impacting the Hiring Process

When companies first introduced wellness programs, you saw more office gyms, nutrition counseling, and smoking cessation programs. But now, wellness in the workplace extends far beyond physical health, as employers are putting more of a focus on mental health and creating a positive atmosphere. New wellness programs are also geared toward career development and higher…
17 September 2018

How to Get a Job in Marketing

When many people think of marketing, TV commercials, billboards and internet ads come to mind. That’s because on the surface, marketing is all about getting people’s attention. And there is no shortage of ways to do that in today’s tech-driven, connected world. But there are countless companies competing for eyes and ears. The best marketing…
04 September 2018

Trakstar Hire Features: Introducing the Interview Self-Scheduling Tool

Filling an open position takes 42 days on average, according to SHRM’s 2016 Human Benchmarking Report. That’s nearly a month and a half a role sits open as the company tries to find the right person to hire. Many companies get off to a fast start but hit a bottleneck when it comes time to…
21 August 2018

How to Get a Job as a Web or Software Developer

Web and software development (also referred to as programming and engineering) is an exciting career. You get to build cool new technology that changes the way people live and work. Add in the fact that the computer technology sector is rapidly growing and hiring, and it makes a lot of sense to learn how to…
14 August 2018

How to Get a Human Resources (HR) Job

Every business with employees has human resources responsibilities. Insurance, time off and other benefits must be provided to the staff. Company policies and standards have to be clearly outlined. New employees must be recruited, hired and onboarded. And all along, there are numerous employment laws to comply with. The business owner can handle these tasks…
27 July 2018

What are Pre-Employment Background Checks and Why are They Important?

Hiring a new employee is a big investment for a company. The hope is they’ll be with the organization for a long time and continuously deliver great work that positively impacts the business. Unfortunately, bad hires happen. The best-case scenario is you quickly realize your mistake and the person moves on before they can do…
18 July 2018

Is Summer a Good Time of Year to Hire?

Just like the weather, hiring trends change with the seasons. The new year tends to start with a bang as many companies have a fresh budget to spend. The fall months are also regarded as a peak hiring season before slowing down during the winter holiday season. And spring is generally viewed as a consistent…
21 June 2018