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How to Select a Recruiting Solution for Your Tech Business

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Technology companies are not static businesses. They’re often young companies that are growing and innovating at a rapid pace. Many need to ramp up fast to complete their product or service offering, please investors and get ahead of the various competitors they’re up against.

Sustaining business growth requires an efficient hiring process. People can make or break a developing company so technology businesses have to make quick yet smart hiring decisions.

The tech talent pool is shallow

Tech companies not only need to hire fast. They need to hire people with specialized skills. But unfortunately tech talent is limited. There aren’t enough developers, engineers, designers, data analysts and product managers to fill all the positions different companies are hiring for.

Technology companies are in an all-out competition over top talent. Quality candidates often have many employment options and will base their decision on compensation, benefits, culture and location. But even if a company nails all those factors, they can lose a great candidate – or never attract them in the first place – with a poor hiring process.

People in the technology industry know better than everyone else that the right solution can improve any process. In this guide, you’ll learn what technology companies should consider when selecting recruiting and hiring software.

Recruit by casting a wide net

Finding talent with the necessary skills is difficult but those candidates are out there. Your company should seek a recruiting and hiring solution that makes it easy to attract people from multiple sources.

A quality recruiting system will allow you to create job listings within the software that you can post to your website and a variety of job boards. When a candidate applies from any source, an unique profile with all their application details will automatically be created in your recruiting software. This functionality allows you to cast a wide net when advertising job openings but still have consistently formatted candidate profiles stored in a single place.

You’ll also have an easier time reaching out to prospective candidates using a recruiting solution. You can create templates for all the common emails you send. Instead of rewriting the same message many times over, you can quickly shoot off a templated email to a prospect you’re recruiting. If they reply with a resume attached, the details will instantly be imported into their candidate profile in your hiring solution.

Re-engage previous candidates

Candidate profiles are a powerful feature. They not only make it easy to manage all the different people who are in the running for an open position. These profiles also make up a database of candidates you can re-engage as new positions open.

You likely interview impressive candidates all the time who don’t end up working for your company. As they fall out of contention, you can archive their profile in your hiring solution. That means they’ll no longer be associated with an open position but their profile will still be stored in your system.

When you create new listings, you can search your database for previous applicants who have the required qualifications. There’s no need to painstakingly go through your inbox looking for old resumes. You can instead search for keywords included in candidate resumes and applications and reach out to the ones who might be a good fit.

Interview collaboratively and efficiently

Many tech companies do a great job recruiting candidates but hit a snag when the interview stage comes around. This is often because interviewing is a team effort but it can be difficult to keep all the different players involved.

Instead of relying on email and calendar invitations, you can manage the entire interview process within the recruiting and hiring system. You’ll be able to assign interview times to each team member. They’ll receive an automated email notification and a series of reminders as the day approaches.

After the interview, you can send a feedback request to each team member. They can complete the assessment through email and the details will automatically be imported into the candidate profiles.

The best recruiting solutions give you an at-glance overview of all the moving pieces associated with your different roles. You’ll always know the status of each job opening, the candidates who have applied and the team members who are participating in the hiring process.

Make data-driven improvements

Tech companies understand the importance of using data to optimize processes and hiring is no different. Quality hiring software will allow you to generate reports that help you understand where your candidates are coming from. You can explore what job boards, search engines and social networks send the most applicants.

You can go even deeper and see what sources send you the highest quality candidates. You can learn how far in the hiring process candidates from your various pipelines progress. Using this data, your company can determine what sources are most worth your time and recruiting budget.

Use a recruiting solution to hire smart and grow fast

Technology companies can’t take their foot off the gas. They have to keep growing or they risk falling behind and not being able to recover. Momentum can be maintained by using a quality recruiting and hiring solution to efficiently fill every open position. Use the right software to hire quickly and intelligently.

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